Hey, what's up, hello!

I'm Lindsay, a Senior Editor at Town & Country and a freelance writer.

I've written for Vogue.com, The Wall Street Journal, GQMaximPlayboyMen's Fitness, Elite Traveler, Domino, DuJour and others. 

Ever since I began my career as a journalist, I've practiced one mantra: 


It's served me well so far. 
I rode an albino water buffalo in Thailand, had lunch in the Omani desert with a bedouin family and swam with Great Whites in South Africa. 
I've also spent time interviewing a number of eclectic celebrities,
including Derek Jeter, The Fat Jew and Dennis Rodman.

In 2012, I helped launch DuJour Magazine, where I spent four years on staff as a Senior Editor covering luxury lifestyle, travel and culture.  Before that? I was TVGuide.com's resident reality TV and red carpet guru—a rather unconventional departure from my first gig as a business reporter at Inc. Magazine.

 Beyond magazines, I often lend my expertise as a consultant to hotel brands, start-ups and technology companies. 

When I'm not at an airport or on a plane, I live in New York City.