Hi, I'm Lindsay.

Lindsay Silberman

I'm currently a Contributing Editor at Town & Country, and I've spent the past decade writing about luxury travel, beauty, and fashion for outlets including VogueThe Wall Street JournalGQMaximArchitectural DigestPlayboyDuJour, and others.

Over the past several years, I’ve also built a loyal, engaged community of people who flock to my Instagram feed, stories, and website because they genuinely trust what I have to say—from the beauty products worth investing in, to the hotels worth splurging on.

Ever since I began my career as a journalist, I’ve practiced one mantra:


It’s served me well so far.

I rode an albino water buffalo in Thailand, had lunch in the Omani desert with a bedouin family and swam with Great Whites in South Africa. I’ve also spent time interviewing a number of eclectic celebrities, including Derek Jeter, The Fat Jew and Dennis Rodman.

In 2012, I helped launch DuJour Magazine, where I spent four years on staff as a Senior Editor covering luxury lifestyle, travel and culture. Before that? I was TVGuide.com's resident reality TV and red carpet guru—a rather unconventional departure from my first gig as a business reporter at Inc. Magazine.

Beyond magazines, I often lend my expertise as a consultant to hotel brands, start-ups, and technology companies.

When I’m not at an airport or on a plane, I live in New York City. 

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