7 Airport Outfits for Summer 

summer airport outfit ideas

I travel a lot, including when temperatures are soaring during the summer. Because of this, you can imagine why I think planning outfits for a trip is pretty important. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but wearing the right clothes while traveling sets the mood for your entire trip — and it can make or break the experience.

The one thing I always keep in mind when choosing a travel outfit is that comfort is key. This means that when I travel, I make sure to think about what I’m going to wear at the airport to ensure I’m comfy during every aspect of my trip. The right airport outfit is cozy, functional, and weather-appropriate — and yes, it should be stylish too. 

There are several things to consider when putting together travel outfits in the summer. To make it easier for you to get dressed before you head to your next vacation destination, I’m sharing a roundup of stylish but functional summer outfits you can wear at the airport.

7 Airport Outfits for Summer

Sweatshirt and Jogger Matching Set

One of my go-to airport outfits is a simple matching set. There’s really nothing that is more practical for jaunting through TSA and the airport. Plus, a matching set is easy to throw on even in the early morning hours or late at night (in the case that you have a red-eye).

I usually wear a set with my favorite white sneakers, which go with everything, including the outfits that I pack (white sneaker outfit ideas are so easy to put together).

The Boyfriend Joggers or Performance Joggers from Vuori are two of my go-to bottoms. Both are made with material that’s lightweight and super soft — perfect for traveling. The Daydream Crew and Halo Crew are the ideal matching tops since they have long sleeves to keep you warm. Since I feel like airplanes are always so chilly, I like to wear warmer clothes so I’m not freezing during a flight.

Aside from my beloved Vuori sets, there are tons of chic matching tops and bottoms that vary in price point, whether you’re looking for something affordable or you’re planning to splurge a bit. Amazon is actually one of my favorite places to source travel outfit sets, so be sure to check there if you’re shopping on a budget.

Also, if you run hot and you’re worried that a long-sleeve or crewneck will make you sweaty during a flight, I’d recommend wearing a white t-shirt with some sweatpants. Then you can tie the matching top around your waist in case you get cold. A win-win!

Jeans, Tank, and Sneakers

Airport Outfits for Summer

When thinking about comfy airport outfits, a lot of people probably wouldn’t immediately think of jeans. However, we call have that one pair of jeans in our closet that basically feel like sweatpants, so why not? This outfit is simple, classic, and great for travel. Plus, once you arrive to your destination, you’ll look put-together enough that you can go straight to lunch or happy hour.

Abercrombie makes some of my favorite straight-leg jeans. They look so chic with a basic black or white tank top. To finish the look, I kept it casual with a simple gold necklace and white sneakers. 

The necklace and shoes I’m wearing in this outfit are sold out, but you can find a similar necklace here. For your shoes, I’d recommend these sneakers from Sam Edelman. They’ve been a consistent #SilbSquad top-seller and they’re one of the best travel shoes, IMO!

Bike Shorts, T-Shirt, Crew Neck Sweatshirt, and Sandals

Comfy Airport Outfits for Summer

If your airport style is all about comfort, this outfit is for you. A vintage crewneck sweatshirt with a pair of bike shorts is about as comfortable as it gets. Unfortunately, Abercrombie doesn’t make the Seamless Rib Bike Shorts anymore, but these are pretty close! White slides (I’m obsessed with this $25 pair) or sandals are an easy, comfortable choice for footwear. 

Rompers, Jumpsuits, or Tennis Dresses

Like the jeans above, some people might be surprised to hear that a romper or jumpsuit is one of my airport outfit ideas, but hear me out. It might not be the easiest thing to take off in a tight airplane bathroom, but that one inconvenience is minor in my book. Rompers, like the Zella Knit Romper, make getting dressed a breeze. So much so that I included it as one of my travel essentials for women

Another option is to wear a tennis/athletic dress, which are everywhere these days. They’re so cute yet comfy to have on for extended periods of time. Some of my favorite spots to shop for tennis dresses are Abercrombie, ALO, and Outdoor Voices.

You can style a romper or tennis dress with sneakers or sandals and you can throw on a leather or denim jacket if they’re blasting the AC on the plane.

All-White Summer Chic

All-White Summer Chic Outfit

If you’re brave enough to travel in all-white and you need to go from the plane to a social event, this travel outfit idea is the one for you. Linen is such a great fabric for travel because it’s lightweight and breathable — the ideal combo on long days.

I love these high-rise linen shorts from J.Crew and these tie-waist shorts. For this outfit, I paired them with a seamless tank bodysuit and a lightweight linen shirt. My Gucci slides were practically made for an outfit like this and they’re so comfy for travel. I finished things off with my Prada crochet mini-bag. It’s sold out online, but a belt bag would work just as well.

Black Leggings Outfit

Going back to the “comfort over everything” vibe, this all-black look is perfect for traveling in style without sacrificing comfort. It’s easy to put together using what you probably already have in your closet. 

Start with a quality pair of black leggings, like these Ponte Legging Pants from Cuyana. Add a long-sleeve crew neck tee and a pair of sneakers and you’re ready!

Floral Shorts Outfit

Floral Shorts Outfit

This look is perfect if you’re looking to add a little color to your travel outfit. The shorts I’m wearing are almost sold out, but you can find a similar pair here. I styled them with a white rib tank. The wide fedora is such a fun summer accessory!

What does your favorite travel outfit look like?

Do you prefer comfort over style? Or is the airport your own personal fashion runway? I’d love to know so please share your ideas in the comment section below!

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