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The 16 Best Amazon Travel Items To Bring On Your Next Trip

best amazon travel items

You’re packing for a trip and you realize you don’t have one of your go-to toiletry items or a swimsuit that actually fits. Amazon is likely where you’ll go for a quick, on-the-fly solution but it’s also a sneaky great place to score unique travel items.

Whether you want to upgrade your carry-on or you’re looking for some packing organization tools, I scoured the site and can confirm that these are the best Amazon travel items out there.

Add these finds to your cart and you’re sure to feel like an organized and seasoned travel pro—regardless of how many passport stamps you have.

Travel Wallet

Travel safely with this RFID blocking travel wallet. It’s made with materials that protect your personal identification and credit cards while on the go. It also has slots for your passport and boarding pass making it the perfect travel accessory.

Carry-On Suitcase

Amazon has a surprising amount of quality suitcases that are as affordable as they are functional. This 20-inch carry-on is made with a durable hard shell material and has a front zipper pocket to store smaller, more delicate items.

Shoe Storage Bag

No more plopping your sneakers and heels inside old shopping bags. House up to three pairs of shoes in this handy storage bag instead. “This is a great bag to have for shoes when traveling. It doesn’t take up much space and I personally don’t like mixing shoes with clothes, so it was very convenient,” one review reads.

Pill Organizer

Keep your daily supplements in check by storing them inside this pill organizer. Most pill organizers aren’t very aesthetically pleasing but I love the neutral color and sleek design of this one. This one isn’t bulky but still offers ample space for stashing your must-haves.

Overnight Duffel Bag

This find seems almost too good to be true. A cute overnight duffel bag that’s under $30? It has over 1,000 nearly perfect reviews and comes in 10 colors. Reviewers noted that it’s “roomy with a lot of pockets” and that it’s “large enough to fit everything needed for a 3-day weekend.”

Portable Charger

Perfect for the person who is always working on the go, this portable charger is tiny but powerful (it’s actually small enough to fit in your pocket). It has enough power to charge your phone fully more than twice, so you can travel worry-free.

Travel Makeup Brush Holder

This brush holder is a game changer for storing your makeup must-haves. The silicone case can fit three large brushes or five to eight small brushes and will ensure that they all stay clean.

Clear Cosmetics Case

This set of three cosmetic bags is a perfect dupe for the Calpak bag I have. If you love the look of a clear cosmetic case but don’t want to drop much money on one, these offer up the perfect alternative. They’re so much more convenient than traditional toiletry bags because you can see exactly which product you’re reaching for.

Jewelry Organizer

Rather than tucking your jewelry in the pockets of your purse or inside of a plastic baggie, keep them safe in this little organizer. Reviewers say that the mirror comes in handy and that it’s fairly durable for the price.

Shockproof Tech Case

It’s no secret that airport employees aren’t exactly gentle with luggage. This clever case is made for fragile tech items like chargers, chords, or headphones. It’s under $10 and is reviewed as “very sturdy” and “a game changing travel accessory.” One buyer said, “It’s always very handy to be able to pull it out when flying for TSA check points. Well worth it!”

Toothbrush Case

Does anyone else get the ick from the idea of tossing your toothbrush directly inside your toiletry bag? Use this hard shell toothbrush case to keep it clean and protect from other cosmetic products.

Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is absolutely essential for airport travel. This one is made with faux suede leather and has an invisible magnetic closure to keep your tech tucked away safely. It also comes with a small pouch for your other necessities, like chargers or Airpods.

Handheld Steamer

There’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking your suitcase only to find that everything you brought is a wrinkled mess. If you have some space in your luggage to tote along a small steamer, this one is a great option. It folds up so it’s easier to pack, but is also effective enough to get the job done.

Rechargeable Book Light

Got a long-haul flight that requires some entertainment? The overhead lights on an airplane can be somewhat obnoxious (and bring unwanted attention to your seat). Instead, bring this rechargeable book light along in your tote bag so you can enjoy your book or magazine in a more subtle way.

Silk Sleep Eye Mask

If you’re the type of traveler who uses a flight to catch up on sleep, slipping an eye mask on is key to a more restful snooze. A lot of these eye masks are quite a splurge, but this $9 find is just as effective at blocking out light.

Apple AirTags

If you haven’t heard of this trick yet, prepare to have your mind blown. Place these Apple AirTags inside of your luggage to track the location of your bags throughout your trip. You’ll have more peace of mind while on board knowing your suitcase made it on the same plane as you.

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