10 Casual Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

That awkward post-holiday time when the weather is cold and there’s not much to do is officially upon us. Your holiday looks have likely run their course and now you might be feeling uninspired by your winter wardrobe—you’re not alone.

However, I’m here to tell you some good news: Getting dressed during the cold and dreary months doesn’t have to be a total snooze. There are plenty of cute and practical looks that are ideal for casual outings and for lounging around at home. And bonus: You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, even during the winter season.

Here, I’m sharing a roundup of casual winter outfits that are warm, fashionable, and cozy. Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk, running an errand, or meeting a friend for coffee, these looks will make you feel put-together.

10 Casual Winter Outfits

A Matching Sweatsuit

In my mind, there’s nothing better than a good quality sweatsuit to get you through the thick of winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing sweatsuits year-round (especially when I’m traveling) but there’s something about it that just hits different in the cool weather—they’re cozy, easy to throw on, and are acceptable to wear in public (if you find the right one.)

My go-to spot to source affordable sweatsuits is definitely Amazon, but you can basically find them anywhere these days. I’ve been praising this exact sweatsuit ever since I first put it on. It’s a great dupe for the Spanx sweatsuit that went viral earlier this year—and it’s half the price.

Casual Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

Yoga Pants + Cropped Quarter Zip

I know I’m not alone in my love for wide leg yoga pants (I’m so happy they’re coming back into style.) They somehow feel more “dressed up” and look more put together than traditional yoga pants, but they’re obviously just as comfy.

I like to wear mine with a cropped quarter zip (like this one), which is also super cozy yet gives you a polished look. Then, just slide into your go-to pair of white sneakers and you’ll be set. You can always add a puffer jacket or big coat if the temperatures are particularly cool.

Yoga Pants + Cropped Quarter Zip

Winter Whites

If you really want to lean into the vibes of the season, consider going with an all-white outfit. I wore this particular look when I was visiting Aspen, but it would also be perfect to wear to a holiday event or dinner with friends.

An all-white look gives off an elevated feel but also can remain just as comfortable as you’d like. Try pairing a basic white sweater with jeans, a shearling jacket, and a pom-pom beanie. As far as shoes go, I’d probably opt for boots but you could also go with sneakers.

Winter Whites

An Oversized Coat + Sweater

For those dreary days when you have no choice but to be out and about, reach for your thickest wool coat, winter boots, and a classic sweater. Not only is this outfit practical for winter weather, but it also looks cute and would work for any occasion.

Want to switch it up from your usual wool coat? Try a teddy coat, sherpa coat, or wrap coat

An Oversized Coat + Sweater

Knit Sweatsuit + Loafers

This cute set was another one of my best Amazon purchases of the year. While the top does have short sleeves, it would still be a good option for those who live in warmer climates. It’s also the perfect WFH uniform since it makes you look like you have your life together even though you really might not.

I like to wear this set with my chunky loafers. And yes, I totally understand that loafers might not be the most practical shoe choice for every winter climate, but they work in Miami.

Knit Sweatsuit + Loafers

Cashmere Lounge Set

My love for cashmere lounge sets goes way back—they are the perfect example of a closet staple that’s worth splurging on. Cashmere just holds up better over time, washes well, and obviously feels ultra-soft.

I’m a big fan of the sets from Naadam, like this hoodie and the matching sweatpants. It’s just as great to wear at home as it is to wear while running around town. You can honestly never have too many of these sets and the other perk is that they’ll last for years to come.

Cashmere Lounge Set

Simple Sweater + Jeans

Perhaps the most obvious and frequently worn winter outfit idea of these all? A simple sweater and a pair of jeans. You can wear this combo every day throughout the winter months without it getting old. They key is to switch up your sweater and shoes, and also to accessorize so it doesn’t feel so bland after repeat wear.

I like to wear this outfit with chelsea boots, ankle boots, or over-the-knee boots (these are the pair I’m obsessed with.)

Also, don’t feel like you have to stick with jeans as your base layer. You could opt for faux leather leggings for another comfortable and cut option.

Simple Sweater + Jeans

Matching Wide Leg Set

Another casual outfit idea I’ve had on rotation these past few months is this matching wide leg set. I actually came across it right before Prime Day and loved that the shape was different from any other set I have—in my opinion, that makes it feel more like an outfit rather than loungewear.

If you like this look but want another set option, try this one. Both work perfectly with white sneakers and a denim jacket or cardigan.

Matching Wide Leg Set | Casual Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

Sweater Bodysuit + Jeans

A sweater bodysuit is a winter wardrobe essential. When I don’t know what to wear or I’m feeling uninspired to put together a cute outfit, having a variety of bodysuits to choose from always comes in handy. It’s also one of my favorite pieces to wear on a date night.

Style one with a pair of jeans or black leather leggings and then slip into some knee-high boots for a sexy yet simple look. Accessorize with a headband or fun purse and you’ll be set.

Sweater Bodysuit + Jeans | Casual Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

A Sherpa Jacket + Denim Skirt

While I don’t have a photo in this last winter outfit idea, I do think it would look adorable to wear on a girls night out. Denim maxi skirts were majorly on trend this year, and I think the style is here to stay. It makes for a great piece to wear throughout the winter since it offers an alternative from a basic pair of pants.

To ensure you stay warm enough, I’d suggest wearing a sherpa jacket over whatever top you choose, then finishing with a pair of ankle boots.

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