What Do Influencers Do All Day? Here’s My Actual Schedule

One of the questions I get asked most often is what a “typical” 24 hours looks like for me as a content creator/brand founder. And the truth is, there’s really no such thing as a typical day—which is probably what I like most about my job. I’m constantly tapping into different parts of my brain, constantly being challenged, and constantly learning.

I thought it might be interesting to give you a diary-style glimpse into what my schedule looked like on a random day last week.

A Day in My Life as an Influencer + Brand Founder


Wake up. Grab my phone and quickly skim my email / check Instagram. I see a text from Matt asking me if I want coffee. (He’s been up since around 7.) I respond with an immediate yes. He’s very much a morning person, and I’m a night owl so we joke that he works the “morning shift” and I work the night shift. He comes into the bedroom holding Pierre in one arm and a coffee in the other. BLESS THIS MAN.


I spend about 45 minutes responding to emails and DMs in bed. Check my daily calendar to remind myself what meetings I have, what partnership deadlines I have, and what sponsored content needs to go live. I shoot a message to Sydney and Kara—they help me run my newsletter and blog—about a few sales we should include in my Black Friday/Cyber Monday newsletter. I only like to feature products that I own and love.

My favorite fall boots are on sale, and so is my laptop—the Dell XPS 13 Plus. (Dell is having their biggest sale of the year, so if you’ve been planning to upgrade your laptop or buy one as a gift, now is a good time to do it. I love the laptop that I have, but there are a ton of others included as well.)


Make scrambled eggs for Matt and I. Change into tennis clothes.


Tennis lesson. We started playing tennis when we got our apartment in Miami and (I hate to say it) but it’s really one of the few things we do together that isn’t work-related. It’s also an activity that forces me to disconnect and get off of my phone for 60 whole minutes, which is no easy feat.


My mornings are the calm before the storm. Get back to the apartment and rush to take a shower so I can make it to my 11:15am Zoom call.


Weekly touch-base with our VP of Marketing for Hotel Lobby Candle. Matt and I do all of our calls/meetings at our kitchen table, and we typically use my laptop because I’m convinced the camera on the Dell XPS 13 Plus makes us look the best. It’s also SUPER fast and can handle the 900 browser tabs I have open at all times.

We have a huge list of topics to discuss on our call: the job description for a potential new hire, the PR plan for an upcoming pop-up, the shot list for a photoshoot we have scheduled, and a collaboration opportunity with an influencer who loves our candles.


Spend some time pulling together Black Friday Cyber Monday deals for the blog.


Jump into our next call. We’re meeting (virtually) with our fragrance house to discuss the inspiration for a scent we’re launching next year. I share my screen to show everyone the mood board. The presentation is a huge file with a lot of high-res images/videos.


Grab a leftover salad out of the fridge to eat before the next meeting.


Zoom call with our HLC social media team. We have a weekly meeting where I review and give feedback on all social content (reels, stories, photos, and captions.) We also discuss the upcoming calendar, which includes the timing of our Aspen candle restock, a surprise pop-up happening in December, and two in-store events Matt and I are doing.


Realize that I haven’t posted on Instagram all day. Also realize I have a sponsored post (for my favorite body cream) that needs to go live. Check my email to make sure all of the content is approved, and then post. Spend the next 45 minutes responding to a few emails I missed while I was on calls.


Get a text from my manager reminding me that I have a skincare campaign due tomorrow. I shot all of the content over the weekend, but still need to edit it and record a voiceover. I’m about to run out the door to go to a drinks meeting so I’ll have to get to it later tonight. It should take me about an hour or two.


Do my makeup in the car on the way to drinks. A meeting notification goes off for a Zoom that I need to dial into. Attempt to do my mascara and eyeliner while on the call. It’s…messy.

Meet a publicist-turned-friend for drinks at one of my favorite sushi places. Have a glass of wine and spicy tuna while catching up on her clients and everything I have going on with HLC and influencer life.


Get back home. Catch up with Matt. Remember I’m leaving for NY tomorrow and haven’t packed. It’s a one-day trip and I’m trying to travel light. Thankfully my laptop weighs virtually NOTHING and takes up minimal space in my bag (which means more room for makeup and skincare.)


Spend an hour and a half editing the video that’s due tomorrow. Submit it to my management team, who will then send it to the brand.


Eat half of Matt’s caesar wrap that was left over from dinner last night.


Pajamas and skincare routine. Can’t wait to get into bed and snuggle with Pierre. I feel like I haven’t paid attention to him all day! No wonder he likes Matt better.


Spend 2 hours scrolling and engaging. I know you’re not supposed to use your phone before bed, but I honestly can’t help it.  Sometimes it’s the only period of the day where I can play “catch up” to see what’s happening on Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. (I stopped checking “X” when it started being called “X”.) I also use this quiet time check in on my DMs, see how people are responding to things I’ve posted, send links etc. It often feels like I’m connected 24/7, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


Finally… Sleep!

This post was created in partnership with Dell. As always, I only partner with brands I genuinely love.

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