15 Must-Have Desk Accessories for Women


With work from home becoming the norm these days, it’s absolutely crucial that you have an inviting and organized desk space. Before Matt and I moved into our Brooklyn apartment, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side. When I left my corporate job and started working for myself full-time, it got hard to separate my work life from my personal life without having a dedicated office space.

This is all to say that I’m beyond thrilled to finally have a home office. Whether I’m writing blog posts, editing photos, or working on the newest collection for my candle brand Hotel Lobby Candle, I find that having a comfortable and inviting workspace is essential to¬† productivity.

I like to keep my desk area simple with just a few essentials and some decor items. These 15 desk accessories for women are perfect for stashing inside drawers, on your desktop, or for just keeping in your general workspace.

TimeCube Plus Preset Timer

This is one of my favorite Amazon finds to date. If you struggle with staying focused on one task at a time (or if you tend to get distracted by scrolling through Instagram) this little time cube is a game changer.

The cube comes in 8 different colors which have different timers on them. I like the white cube, which has a 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute timer option.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

A laptop stand comes in super handy for long work days, especially if you use two monitors or need to switch back and forth between typing and note taking. I found this stand on Amazon and have been impressed with its quality.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

A sturdy phone stand is another must if you tend to use social media or have lots of calls throughout your work day. This one rotates in pretty much every way you could imagine, making it easy to use whether you’re checking Instagram or watching a quick video.

Task Lamp

A chic desk lamp is a no-brainer, but be sure to choose one that doesn’t take up too much space. I personally can’t stand a cluttered desktop and a bulky lamp is the last thing you want to give up precious real estate for.

I love the marble details on this classic lamp. The brass finishes also make it look high-end and timeless.

Vanity Lamp

We have two of these lamps on our desk and couldn’t love them more. The green color tied in perfectly with our office wallpaper and added a fun feel to the room.

Weekly Desk Pad

I feel like I never know what work to start with unless I write down a to-do list. I love that this one sits right on your desktop so it’s always within eyesight. You could even use it as a mousepad if you need one!

Gel Pens

I’m a total pen snob and swear that these are the absolute best. Just trust me, no other pen compares.

Acrylic Pen Holder

Something about acrylic items just makes you feel more organized. Plus, I love that it makes it easy to see everything that’s inside.

Ceramic Pencil Cups

These are the pencil cups we have on our desk. They’re so sleek and go with everything!

Faux Potted Burro’s Tail

I might be a candle mom but I’m certainly not a plant mom. Ditch the stress of trying to keep greenery alive and opt for a faux potted plant instead.

Acrylic Magazine Holder

A sleek holder for magazines, books, or folders. You could put this on the floor next to your desk if you don’t have space on your actual desktop.

Coffee Table Book

Stack some coffee table books (I love this one!) on your desk so you can grab one in case you need some inspiration.

Desk Clock

A clock is another item you kind of need on your desk but don’t want to sacrifice space for. This one is small and is such a steal!

Marble Desk Tray

Your workspace will inevitably become a home to random items you need throughout the day. This chic marble tray is the ideal spot to stash things like lip balm, paper clips, or hair ties.

Hotel Lobby Miami Candle

Okay I might be a little biased but a good candle is a must-have desk accessory. I love brewing a fresh cup of coffee, lighting my candle, then cranking out some work.

What are some of your favorite office finds? Comment your answer below!

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