The Best Dresses For Big Boobs


Much like everyone else in the world, us busty ladies have to get dressed every single day. That being said, things are made far more difficult when you have a full chest. Finding a dress for big boobs that’s flattering—and actually fits—can often be a struggle.

Need help? We’ve got you. Consider me your resource on all things full-chest-friendly.

I’ve already covered the best everyday bras for big boobs, the best strapless bras for big boobs, supportive sports bras (that’ll actually hold your girls up), as well as flattering swimsuits for full chests.

Today, I’m taking on what might be considered the biggest challenge of them all: the best dresses for big boobs.


This is my personal favorite style of dress for big boobs, and before you say “don’t shirtdresses have buttons, and don’t buttons gap?” hear me out!

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered if you get a relaxed-fitting shirtdress (i.e. not tight) and one that has a belt, the style works REALLY well.

Cinching the waist to give you more shape here is key. We all know the feeling of wearing a “flowy” dress that ends up looking like a tent on us because of the boob sitch. No thank you!

Below are three great options.

1. Chambray Callahan Shirtdress, Tuckernuck

best dresses for big boobs

2. Cloudline Dress, L’Academie

best dresses for big boobs

3. The Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up, Summersalt

dresses for big boobs

Summer dresses for big busts are particularly challenging to find. I personally own this dress (which is technically a cover up) and LOVE it! For context, I’m a 32DD.

I would recommend wearing it with a few buttons open to give your ladies a bit more breathing room.

Wrap Dresses

When searching for wrap dresses, look for ones that are either stitched in place to sit properly across the boob or ones that tie tightly and offer plenty of chest coverage.

The right wrap dress will offer detail across the bust, separating and defining the girls, while creating a minimizing effect at the waistline.

I also find that having a flutter sleeve (seen in the first dress below) helps to balance out the proportions, and is much less restrictive than a super tight sleeve.

4. Bernice Mini Dress, Lovers and Friends

best dresses for big boobs

5. Knot Front Pleated Skirt Dress, Eloquii

6. Janet Mini Dress, NBD

best dresses for big boobs

7. Cora Mini Dress, Tularosa

best dresses for big boobs

High-Neck Dress

Looking for how to dress modestly with a big chest? A high-neck style is the answer.

As elegant as they are comfortable, high necklines work for everything from party dresses to conservative workwear.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about anything popping out or showing too much.

Again, I’d recommend choosing something that has a cinched waist.

8. Gilly Sleevless Dress, Michael Lauren

best dresses for big boobs

9. Seaview Dress, L*Space

best dresses for big boobs

10. Smocked Flare Dress, More to Come

best dresses for big boobs

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neck creates the illusion of balance, with a cinched in waist and bra-like top.

It’s extremely flattering for large breasts, thanks to the neckline’s shapely fit, adding extra support and coverage.

11. Irma Dress, ASTR the Label

best dresses for big boobs

12. Cinched Bust Dress, ASTR the Label

best dresses for big boobs

13. Corset Mini Sweater Dress, Abercrombie & Fitch

best dresses for big boobs

Pro tip: Asos is a treasure trove of more formal dresses for big boobs—they even have a search function on their site where you can filter by “fuller bust,” which makes the dress hunt SO. MUCH. EASIER.

The V-Neck

I know what you’re thinking, but the right type of v-neck can actually be incredibly flattering for larger chests.

The tailoring on a v-neck minimizes any drag of fabric across the bust, and it makes boobs look slimmer and smaller.

Be sure the fabric is strong and the V-neck is thinner and higher, rather than wider and lower.

14. Elisabetta Dress, Misa

best dresses for big boobs

15. Aila Dress, Misa

best dresses for big boobs

16. Bianca Dress, Yumi Kim

best dresses for big boobs

Square Neck

Square necklines are great for showing off a bit of breast, without showing full-on cleavage.

The key here is searching for a higher neck with well-tailored shoulders that cover thick bra straps.

A smocked dress like the one below creates an hourglass shape that’s flattering and appropriate.

17. Cassi Knit Dress, Reformation

best dresses for big boobs

18. Sigmund Dress, Reformation

best dresses for big boobs

Have other recommendations? Know of any great brands that makes dresses for big boobs? Leave your tips in the comments below!


best dresses for big boobs


  • Jessica S.
    April 3, 2021 at 2:32 am

    Hi, it looks like all the links go to the same dress!

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    April 11, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    Please share the link for the dress you on wearing on the beach holding a glass of wine for your list of best dresses for big boobs.

    • Lindsay Silberman
      May 5, 2021 at 8:49 pm

      That dress was actually rented from rent the runway so sadly I don’t think it’s available to purchase anymore!


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