Holiday Outfit Ideas: Sequin Suits, Sparkly Dresses and More Festive Fashion Inspo

holiday outfit ideas

It’s no secret that I do a lot of my “shopping” for special events, parties, and occasions on Rent the Runway. I love it year-round, but during the holiday season? I quite literally couldn’t live without it.

Years ago (during my pre-RTR era) I remember I would spend HOURS AND HOURS of my life shlepping around Soho in the freezing cold the day before a holiday party, praying I could find something decent to wear. Either that… or I would spend hours endlessly scrolling online in search of *the perfect* holiday outfit.

I’d pay for rush shipping, and then end up returning everything I ordered because it looked completely different on the model than it did IRL.

holiday outfit ideas
I’ve rented this Milly dress twice! It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite RTR rentals.

Inevitably, I would end up spending way more money than I had planned to—on an outfit that I knew I would probably only wear once or twice.

Quite frankly… I no longer have time for that. Now, I’m all about efficiency honey. I realized that my old way of operating was totally inefficient.

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(Read my full Rent the Runway review here!)

I could go on and on about all the reasons why RTR has been a Godsend. For starters, it’s less expensive. I’m able to get 8 rentals (essentially 8 outfits) for less than I was paying for a single outfit before.

Also, RTR has 750+ designers to choose from, so it’s nice to be able to try things from different brands without officially committing, you know? (Some faves include Milly, Veronica Beard, Derek Lam, and Anine Bing.)

Another thing I love? I don’t have to worry about dry cleaning.

I don’t even have to worry about printing out a return label.

I also don’t have to worry about whether or not a dress will be too revealing on someone with a larger chest! Or whether or not it will be flattering on my specific body type. (IMO this is the best thing about RTR—you’re able to see photos of other similarly-sized women who’ve rented the item in the past, and read what their feedback is.)

I’m also able to take risks! Which is something I never used to do. For example, the sequin pants I’m wearing below… how fun are they?! They probably aren’t something I would have wanted to spend $400 to own, but to rent for an event? They’re amazing.

I rented these sequin Ted Baker pants and wore them to a Harry Styles concert, as well as a holiday photoshoot.

Not to mention, RTR is also more sustainable (vs. ordering a bunch of cheap fast fashion that you’ll toss next season)—and I have way more room in my closet. I no longer feel compelled to buy a bunch of random items, when I could just rent them instead.

With my code, an 8 item plan is $86/month for your first two months. After that it’s $144/month for any 8 items you want.

Have I convinced you yet?! (If not, maybe these cute photos of things I’ve previously rented below will.)

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a bit of holiday outfit inspo, I’d highly recommend giving RTR a shot. My code RTRLINDSAYS will get you 40% off your first two-months of an 8-item plan.

little black dress holiday outfit inspo

holiday outfit ideas
holiday outfit ideas

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