Here’s Exactly How To Pack Vitamins For Travel

how to pack vitamins for travel

While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert in the wellness category, I know it’s important to keep up with your health routine — even when you’re on the go. Taking your vitamins regularly can have a plethora of benefits on your health, such as boosting your immune system, keeping you energized, and helping your body adjust to the changes that come with traveling

However, bringing vitamins and supplements along while traveling can be a bit of a challenge. To be totally honest, remembering to pack them all in the first place is enough to set me over the edge. Add in limited luggage and carry-on space and various TSA regulations and things get complicated

I know a lot of you have upcoming getaways planned, which is why I thought I’d share some practical tips to help you pack your vitamins and supplements for travel. My hope is that this guide will help you feel prepped and prepared while you’re traveling, so you don’t ever have to miss a dose.

From understanding TSA rules to choosing the right forms of vitamins to pack, these tips will ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your wellness routine even when you’re far from home.

How To Pack Vitamins For Travel

Can You Pack Vitamins In Your Carry On?

Packing your vitamins in your carry-on is not only legal, but the preferred method for many seasoned travelers.

One of the main reasons that packing your vitamins in your carry-on may be the better choice is that they can easily become exposed to heat while tucked away in your checked bags. The last thing you need while traveling abroad is for your supplements to lose their potency due to extreme temperatures. 

This can potentially interfere with all the nutritional benefits they offer, which defeats the point of even taking them in the first place. Not to mention, packing supplements in your checked bags could cause them to melt and stain the clothes you packed — talk about a travel nightmare. 

Another reason to keep your vitamins and supplements handy in your carry-on bag is that it ensures they’re easily accessible at any time – whether it’s during a long flight or an extended layover. By keeping them on hand (rather than leaving them at the bottom of your suitcase beneath layers of clothes and toiletries), you’ll have more peace of mind. 

If packing your vitamins in your carry-on luggage isn’t an option, it’s perfectly fine to stash them in your checked baggage. Just get yourself a designated travel bag for toiletries to keep all of your items organized and together in one place. Having a toiletry bag for your vitamins will also prevent them from leaking and creating a mess in the case that they do melt or pop.

Pro tip: A hanging toiletry bag is a lifesaver in small hotel bathrooms that have limited counter space. The Vessel Hanging Travel Bag and the BEIS Hanging Cosmetic Bag are both great options. 

how to pack vitamins for travel

Know the TSA Regulations for Traveling With Vitamins

One thing to keep in mind before traveling with vitamins is TSA regulations regarding liquid vitamins and powder supplements.

According to the guidelines on their website, “Travelers may bring vitamins in pills, soft gels, and powder, through airline security checkpoints.” Still, I’d recommend putting them either in a plastic bag or a separate travel pill box as they go through the security screening process. 

Additionally, keep in mind that any liquid supplements or vitamins need to be in 3.4-ounce bottles for carry-ons.

This is my favorite travel pill box!

pill box for travel

Packing Vitamins for International Travel

Every country has its own rules for what you can pack in your carry-on and may prohibit certain supplements or medications. For this reason, be sure to research the laws for any country you’re visiting before your trip. Preparation is key for smooth international travel with medications, vitamins, or supplements.

As I mentioned before, one of my game-changing travel hacks is to invest in TSA PreCheck! If you’re in a rush or just want to have time to get a cocktail before takeoff (I like your style), having PreCheck will save you so much time and stress. Plus, waiting in a long security line is the worst way to start a vacation.

How To Pack Vitamins For Travel

How to Pack Vitamins for Air Travel

I’ve been guilty of  cramming pill bottles and vitamin packs into my carry-on at the last minute, only to end up dumping loose biotin all over the inside of my bag. Those bulky pill containers and medication bottles can sometimes be more of a pain to organize.

When it comes to the best travel toiletries, I like to prioritize items that are small and multi-purpose. The same principle should be in place for packing vitamins and pills. (This supplement case from Sephora is perfect for weekend travel!)

pink supplement case

Here are some of my tried-and-true tips for packing vitamins and medications while traveling:

Use a travel pill box.

Those huge weekly pill organizers are great for home, but for travel you need something more compact. Travel pill boxes keep everything visible and spill-free in your bag without taking up tons of space. Plus, they make it easy to pack just enough without the bulk of full-size bottles.  

For ultimate organization, look for daily or multi-day pill boxes that are split up into individual sections. Then, label each section accordingly (if needed). This one has really good reviews and it would work perfectly for both weekend trips and longer getaways.

Take some time to calculate days and dosages.

When determining how many supplements you need to pack, calculate the amount based on the number of days you will be traveling, as well as your typical daily dosage. If you will be dealing with time zone changes, pack a little extra in case your schedule shifts and you need an adjusted dosage. 

Remember, it’s better to pack a little more than you need versus not bringing enough. 

Repackage vitamins whenever possible.

If you have loose pills or powder supplements in big containers, you may want to repackage them in smaller, clearly labeled containers. Loose supplements in their original bottles take up more space and can lead to spills. 

Pro tip: While it may be tempting to toss all your pill vitamins into a random baggies, try to keep them separated with a pill organizer. This way, they’ll be easily identifiable by you and airport security.

How do you pack your vitamins when you travel?

With these insider tips you’ll be able to pack your vitamins and supplements in a stress-free way, regardless of where your travels take you. Happy jet-setting!

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