How to Style a Bodysuit for Every Season and Occasion

If there’s one closet staple that can offer you tons of versatility, I’d argue that it’s a bodysuit.

I know many people loathe the feeling of wearing bodysuits, and if you fall into that category, please hear me out. When you find a handful of options that fit well, don’t bunch up, and that are actually comfortable, they can make for a great, go-to top option.

With so many different styles and cuts out there, bodysuits can easily be worn during different seasons and for various occasions.

From casual, everyday wear to more elevated and formal attire, figuring out how to style a bodysuit should honestly be fun. Feeling more intimidated rather than excited? This post will help you nail a handful of bodysuit outfits, regardless of what you’re dressing for.

10 Bodysuit Outfits

As I mentioned above, bodysuits are highly versatile and can be worn for so many different outings. My favorite thing about them is that you can get a lot of wear from just one piece:

Need something easy to slip on with jeans? Grab a bodysuit.

Looking for a top that’s easy to tuck into a skirt? A bodysuit will work.

Want a streamlined and sexy look for a date night? Pair a bodysuit with some leather pants.

Bodysuits come in so many different shapes and styles, so take your time to try on and test out different cuts, fabrics, etc. Also, think of them as you would a basic t-shirt—pretty much anything you’d pair with a tee would work just as well with a bodysuit!

p.s. There are plenty of options out there that are known to be highly flattering and smoothing. Some of my faves are from Skims, Spanx, and Aritzia!

How to Style a Bodysuit 

Starting with a simple yet cute outfit idea, ease into a bodysuit look by styling one with a pair of jeans. During the warmer months, I prefer to go strapless, and aside from offering a chic touch, the cut is just practical (no overheating here!)

You can reach for your favorite pair of jeans, but I personally like the look of high waisted pants with a bodysuit. Need a rec on tried-and-true denim options? I got you covered in this blog post.

For shoes you could really go with whatever is most comfortable/appropriate for the occasion, whether that’s flat sandals or high heels.

white straplesss bodysuit with jeans and heels

Looking for a more polished take on how to wear a bodysuit? Try an off-the-shoulder cut with a midi or maxi skirt. I’d wear this to a nicer event, like a bridal shower or birthday party.

If you typically shy away from off-the-shoulder tops because they tend to slip down, keep in mind that the one-piece fit of a bodysuit will help keep things in place. Try to look for options that fit snug in the shoulder area to ensure the right fit.

Tip: If you’re looking for the best bodysuits for large busts, check out this blog post.

This is one of my go-to warm weather looks, whether I’m running errands in the city or I’m walking along the beach. Linen shorts are just as much a closet staple as bodysuits are, so the combo really makes for the perfect match.

I know what you’re thinking: Why not just wear a tank top rather than a tank bodysuit? The reason (in my opinion) is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of ensuring your top is tucked in proportionately. Plus, I find that bodysuits are more comfy and they just sit more nicely (aka they’re more flattering!)

summer outfit with linen shorts

The form-fitting style of a bodysuit can really complement the roomy structure of a blazer. If you need a look that will seamlessly take you from day to night or from the office to happy hour, this is it. I’d suggest opting for a blazer that’s slightly oversized for an effortless, “cool-girl” result (it’s giving Sofia Richie vibes.)

On the bottom, lots of options would work, like jeans, black denim, or even trousers. And the same goes for shoes—loafers, white sneakers, or flats are all fair game.

There are few things I love adding to my closet more than a matching set. They’re honestly not as easy to find as I would hope, so whenever I come across a cute option, I’m always sure to snag it! This outfit is ideal for transitional weather since it combines a mini skirt with a long, fuller-coverage coat (the best of both worlds.)

If you want to replicate to look, you could wear a long sleeve or t-shirt style bodysuit as your base layer. I also think you could wear a high neck bodysuit and add tights underneath the skirt if you’re dressing for the winter. Just add some over-the-knee boots and you’ll have a practical and pretty end result.

mini skirt and matching coat with a black bodysuit and black booties

Aside from jeans, denim shorts are probably my most-worn bottoms. I know a lot of people have strong feelings about shorts in general (you either love them or you hate them) but they come in so many different styles now that I feel like there’s truly a pair for everyone.

One of the easiest outfits to throw together? A bodysuit with denim shorts.

You could literally wear this on a daily basis and just switch up your shoes and accessories to get different looks. I’d personally style this outfit with white sneakers (a chunky pair would look adorable!) and a crossbody bag.

I know this outfit idea isn’t exactly…riveting…but it proves that even the most simple looks can yield high impact. This is another one that would work so well from day to night or from a work environment to more laid-back events.

Tip: Adding a belt can help break up the “tucked in” look. It’s also just a fun way to accessorize!

long sleeve bodysuit with jeans and a white belt

Is it just me or are traditional trousers having a *major* comeback? I’m totally here for the trend and know that many of you love the look too. I actually have a full post on my favorite trousers, which you can read here if you need a pair of your own.

This outfit is just as easy to put together as it would be if you were reaching for jeans. If you want to spice things up a bit and give more dimension to your look, opt for a pair of wide leg trousers instead of straight styles. Abercrombie and Aritzia are two of my fave spots to find trousers, but I’m linking a handful of options below!

Need an outfit that will keep you cool during the spring and summer months? Pair any type of bodysuit with a denim skirt, add some white sandals, and you’ll be set.

To give things a more “styled” feel, accessorize with a cute sun hat, sunglasses, a headband, or jewelry. Oh, and I also think chunky loafers would look so cute as another shoe option.

There’s obviously a time and a place to wear leather pants (the winter) but don’t brush this outfit off! I swear you’ll get way more use out of leather pants than you might think. I reach for mine regularly throughout the cooler months and think they are such a chic alternative to regular denim.

Tuck a light colored bodysuit into them, throw on some heels, and you’ll be ready for a girls night out or for a fancy brunch.

bodysuit outfit with leather pants
What are your favorite ways to style a bodysuit? Let me know in the comment section below.

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