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How To Wear a Belt Bag and Still Look Chic

How To Wear a Belt Bag
How To Wear a Belt Bag

Who would have thought this statement piece from the 80s would make such a big comeback? Fanny packs, crossbody bags, belt bags — regardless of what you call them, they really come in handy.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself reaching for belt bags on the regular. Running errands, going shopping, and walking Pierre has never been so easy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good tote, but these little bags are great when you only have a few items you need to bring with you.

Yes, belt bags definitely free up my hands, but the thing I love the most about them is the versatility. For example, I can wear a sporty-style bag with biker shorts or invest in a leather belt bag that’s suitable for long days of meetings.

No matter the outfit or occasion, you can certainly find a belt bag that fits your needs. To help you nail down your look, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite ways to wear a belt bag. I hope this helps!

How To Wear A Belt Bag

Wear it around your waist.

I mean….they’re called belt bags for a reason. This method looks great with high-waisted shorts or a fitted dress because it cinches your waist.

I also think wearing one around your waist gives things a more elevated look — almost like the bag is part of your outfit.

How To Wear a Belt Bag around your waist

Wear it across your body.

When you’re juggling your phone, keys, and coffee, the last thing you need is a purse hanging off of your arm. If you’re constantly on the go, wearing your belt bag in a crossbody style is likely going to be the best fit for you.

For me, the crossbody look is also the most casual and sporty option — perfect for everyday life. Wearing your belt bag or purse across your body looks great when wearing basic t-shirts, tanks, and even hoodies.

Wearing a belt bag across your body is also a strong go-to style when you’re traveling. Having your valuables right on the front of your chest makes these bags almost completely pick pocket-proof.

How To Wear a Belt Bag

Wear it like a purse or tote.

Did you just spend hours picking out the perfect outfit only to cover it with a belt bag or crossbody purse? News flash: You can still carry a belt bag by the strap or over your shoulder like a purse or tote.

If you have a brightly colored or patterned belt bag, this is a great way to style your outfit. This way your outfit speaks for itself but you also have the option to throw the belt bag around your waist at a moments notice.

Belt bag outfits

Belt Bag Outfits

If you already love your belt bag but typically wear them for more casual occasions, these outfit ideas should help you craft a cute look. Start by using these collages as inspiration boards, then pull pieces from your own wardrobe to put it alltogether.

1. Belt bag meets the beach

Ditch your big beach tote for a crossbody belt bag to keep things streamlined and lightweight. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit, go-to cover-up, and some comfy sandals and you’ll be ready to hit the sand.

beach outfit idea
2. Errand look

We all know that looking cute while running errands isn’t exactly essential (fingers crossed that you don’t run into anyone you know.) However, I swear it’s just a mood booster and will make you feel more put together if you slip into something other than workout clothes. Just throw on some white sneakers to complete the look!

tube top with denim shorts
3. Puffy sleeves & patterns

Don’t be afraid to bring in some color or a fun pattern when wearing a belt bag. And similarly, don’t feel limited to styling belt bags with just shorts and pants — they look cute with dresses too! This outfit would be perfect to wear on your neighborhood farmers market run or to meet friends for brunch.

How To Wear a Belt Bag with a dress
4. Belt bag for business

Meeting a client or coworker for lunch? Leave your laptop and tote at your desk and use a belt bag to house your essentials. You can easily bounce between the “sales savvy” look to street style by just swapping out a few items from your closet.

How To Wear a Belt Bag
5. Sporty sling style

From tennis skirts to biker shorts, you simply can’t go wrong when pairing a crossbody bag with athleisure. Opt for a monochromatic look to elevate things a bit.

Sporty sling style outfit

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