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best amazon finds

Earlier this summer, I asked all my trustworthy #SilbSquad members to share their favorite Amazon finds, and boy did they come through. I’m pretty sure Amazon took all of my money that week. Because the site can be so hit or miss, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite Amazon finds as well as some recommendations from my trustworthy followers.

I’ll continue adding to this list as I come across more must-haves, but for now, here are 20 of the best things to buy from Amazon.

My Amazon Favorites

These bowls are actually meant for serving food, but I thought they would make a pretty on my coffee table. Just add some decorative beads and a Hotel Lobby Candle—Sorry, Pierre isn’t included.

I kept seeing these beads everywhere and thought they were adorable, but they’re crazy expensive at all the main home decor retailers. I ended up buying these and was impressed with the quality and price.

I never thought I’d become a crazy dog mom but I’ll be the first to admit I love spying on Pierre with this camera. You can set it up to send you notifications if your pup is barking (be warned, this might give you anxiety), and you can even talk to them through the app and send them treats.

If you’re equally as invested in your Instagram content as I am, this phone mount has been a game changer for filming!

One of my friends gifted this to me and now I can’t remember how I lived without it. It’s the perfect summertime solution to a traditional bathrobe and I love that it has pockets!

I know many of you share the same love for this hair dryer as I do. It’s actually one of the best-selling products I’ve ever recommended. It gives you a salon-worthy blowout at home—in half the time.

These fit me much better than traditional Birkenstock slides (and they’re way cheaper!) They’re true to size and make you feel like you’re walking on air. I know plenty of #SilbSquad-ers have loved them too.

This super cozy set comes in 18 colors and makes for the perfect lightweight outfit to throw on while working from home or lounging around.

Matt is somewhat obsessed with this shoe cleaner and swears that it removes tons of dirt and stains. It would make for a cute gift if paired with some new shoes or luxury socks.

I ordered this pillbox to keep all my vitamins organized at home and during travel. I really like that it looks much more chic and discreet than traditional organizers.

If you’ve never heard of dermaplaning, you need to get on it stat (I even have a full how-to dermaplane at home guide)! These little razors shave dead skin and peach fuzz off of your face. Trust me, start using them and your skin will thank you.

I credit my organized apartment to these clear adhesive bins. They give you SO much more storage space and stick to the inside of cabinets easily. I use them in my bathroom to stash hair tools and extra beauty products.

Recommendations from the #SilbSquad

These yellow gold earrings were recommended multiple times in my Facebook group. All of the jewelry from this brand is super affordable and doesn’t tarnish.

This cute one piece was also brought up a few times in the group and was said to be super flattering and comfortable. I’m always searching for supportive yet chic swimwear so I’m tempted to try this out!

Okay this is a BRILLIANT find for those who like to cook. Someone in my group said: “I got made fun of by my family for buying these herb scissors, but now everyone that comes to visit wants a pair!”

If you live in a city, have noisy roommates, or sleep next to someone who snores, this sound machine came with a glowing review from one of my followers.

I’ve always been envious of those Pinterest-worthy pantries and perfectly organized cabinets but haven’t found the motivation to put labels on everything yet. These spice jar stickers come with 192 common seasoning names so you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

This was highly praised in the #SilbSquad and I actually purchased it myself. It’s extremely comfortable and comes in several different colors and patterns. I’m a fan!

This handheld brush gently massages your scalp while sweeping away product buildup and promoting circulation. One follower says she likes to use it while shampooing for an extra deep clean.

These classic black leggings have been vouched for their comfort and quality. Someone even went as far to say that they hate their Lululemon leggings now (which is *quite* the claim!)

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