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Send This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to Your Partner as a Not-So-Subtle Hint

creative valentines day gifts

I hate to say it, but coming up with cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas is arguably the worst part about the holiday.

So I pulled together a list of things that I personally own (or would like to receive, hint hint)—and enlisted the help of Matt for gifts that he has appreciated over the years.

Check out our fool-proof guide below, including some last minute gifts for the guy in your life.


Hotel Lobby Candle Linen Candle

Yes, this is a shameless self-plug—sue me (please don’t sue me). But this candle would truly be the best Valentine’s Day gift and it’d be a disservice to us all if I left it out.

This linen candle is clean and crisp with a little hint of spice, adding the perfect touch of sexiness.

Plus, we designed the packaging so that your significant other doesn’t even have to worry about wrapping paper.

Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker

dash mini heart waffle maker

Waffle maker is a bit of a misnomer here, a more apt title would be “Panini, Hashbrown, Any Other Food You’re Willing To Make, Waffle Maker.” I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I seriously use this every weekend.

Women’s Satin Pajama Set

This pajama set has 1,600 nearly perfect reviews and is under $30, so you can’t really go wrong. The pink and white stripes give the set a subtle Valentine’s Day feel without being over the top.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are perfect for any at-home get together but I think they’d be totally cute for a Galentine’s celebration.

AirPods Pro

airpods pro

Just like regular AirPods…but better! My favorite feature is the Active Noise Cancellation—you can turn it on and off to be as connected or as isolated to your surroundings as you please.

It’s the perfect, subtle way to kindly tell your S/O to stop chewing so damn loudly.

Date Night in Activity Journal

Keep the spark alive and learn something new about your partner with this activity book. It’s filled with fun quizzes, writing prompts, and questions that will deepen your relationship.

Pink Colored Glassware Set

Whether you’re hosting a special Galentine’s Day dinner or having a relaxing night in with a cocktail in hand these glasses are a no-brainer. They’ve got a vintage feel and give off majorly festive vibes.

Barefoot Dreams in The Wild Throw Blanket

barefoot dreams into the wild throw blanket

I don’t know that any written explanation can give this blanket the justice it deserves—is there a word beyond cozy? heavenly? dreamy? Whatever that word is, this blanket is that.

Our Place Always Pan

our place always pan

I’m not a huge cook, so, yes, it’s great that Our Place’s Always Pan comes with so many cool cooking features (or so I’ve heard), but that’s not really what I care about.

Here’s what I do care about: This pan is very pretty and very easy to clean. I’m talking ooey-gooey-cheese-sliding-right-off-the-pan, little-to-no-scrubbing-necessary easy. I rest my case.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Bundle with Film

fujifilm instax mini bundle

Okay, so cute right?! I know. This update-on-a-classic features a special mode and mirror next to the lens just for taking selfies. Plus, the credit-card sized prints are so insta-worthy.

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

parachute cloud robe

We’re all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future; we might as well get cozy. This robe is super cozy and luxurious without feeling too heavy and leaving me overheated.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

These rock! Haha, I’m so sorry for that. Anyway, these granite whiskey stones are very chic and perfect for cooling your drink.

Throw them in the freezer a couple hours before happy hour, and they’ll keep your spirits undiluted and chilled all night long.

The set comes with two crystal glasses, eight granite stones, tongs for serving up the rocks, and a sleek wooden display stand.

Pink Silk Scarf

I’m loving this pink silk scarf and it’s under $9. It would be so cute tied around a handbag and would make an affordable and easy gift for the gal in your life.

The Daily Edited Chocolate Pebble Customized Key Chain

the daily edited custom key chain

I think this is a really chic, simple gift to get someone you have no idea what to buy. It’s not any sort of fashion statement; just a no nonsense, practical buy.

Urban Stems Dried Bouquet + Vase

urban stems dried bouquet + flowers

Flowers are kind of like the goldfish of kind gestures, because it seems really nice and thoughtful in theory, but it’s actually just an added responsibility that will eventually die. Luckily, dead, dried up flowers are a lot nicer than dead, floating goldfish.

Leatherology Parker Backpack

Leatherology Parker Backpack

Meet your Jansport’s hot older sister. Made with a leather exterior and soft fabric lining, this backpack isn’t just work-appropriate; it’s also very stylish. Plus, it has ample space and hidden compartments that’ll hold, and protect, everything you need.

CB2 4-Piece Bamboo Bar Tool Set

CB2 4-Piece Bamboo Bar Tool Set

The best way to say I love you? Alcohol. I truly believe every adult should have a comprehensive set of bar tools, and this set gets extra points for its attention to detail—I love the shiny nickel-finished stand and bamboo detailing throughout.

Jack Black Beard Oil

This is a bit bougie, but it was one of my best-sellers last Valentine’s Day—side note: I love you all for being as ridiculous as I am. This beard oil is formulated with vitamin E and powerful antioxidants that help protect skin against the damaging effects of free radicals and environmental pollutants.

It will leaves beards (or mustaches, you do you) smooth, moisturized, and subtly fragranced, thanks to its mix of organic ingredients that are free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, and colorants.

Mini Skincare Beauty Fridge

Say hello to your new favorite gadget—a mini beauty fridge for all of your skincare heroes. Not only is it beautifully designed but it also boasts an auto climate control system to eliminate water and harsh environments from impacting the quality of your products.

Another perk: It operates on a very low noise mode which means you’ll hardly even know it’s there.

Lounge Pajama Set

I basically lived in this lounge set while working from home the past couple of years. It would make for a comfy and cute date night in look.

NAADAM The $75 Cashmere Sweater

Naadam the $75 Cashmere Sweater

Made in a slew of colors and fits, this $75 cashmere sweater is an absolute no-brainer. It’s cost effective, chic, and oh-so-cozy.

Available in both men’s & women’s (so go ahead, get one for yourself while you’re buying another as a gift.)

I love the brand so much that I wrote a whole review of their cashmere.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush

There is no gift quite like the gift of great hair. I’ve been a fan of this tool for years, and I swear, everyone who tries it loves it. A salon-worthy blowout in 10 minutes? Sign me up.

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Personally, I’m not a fan of chocolate (I understand the absurdity of that statement), but pretty much everyone else in the world is. Plus, there’s something so classically romantic about a fancy box of Valentine’s Day chocolates like these.

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Deluxe Foot Warmer

pure enrichment purerelief deluxe foot warmer

I know they aren’t very chic but I have to say, these heated booties make for some very cozy toes. It’s the sort of gift you’d never think to buy for yourself but love to have.

Faux Fur Slippers

Speaking of cozy toes, meet my absolute favorite slippers. I’ve recommended these for years now and they’ve always been a popular holiday gift.

Electric Picks Love Letter Necklace

electric picks love letter necklace

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a while now—the price points are great, and the jewelry is seriously gorgeous. This dainty monogrammed lock is the perfect non-cheesy Valentine’s Day jewelry gift.

Colsen Personal Indoor/Outdoor Fire Pit

colsen personal indoor/outdoor fire pit

Sounds weird, yes, but stay with me. This is a portable tabletop fireplace, which means you can cozy on up by the fire anytime, anywhere you want. It’s quick, easy, and smokeless.

Man Crates Exotic Meats Grand Bouquet

man crates exotic meats grand bouquet

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: nothing’s sexier than a good slab of meat. Fight the patriarchy and give your beau this beautiful bouquet of raw meat.

Truff Hot Sauce Set

truff hot sauce set

Wanna keep things spicy this Vday? (I had to, and I will not apologize this time). Get your hot (sauce-loving) partner this indulgent duo. I have it and use it on EVERY SINGLE THING. It’s so good and I don’t remember life without Truff. 

Parachute Down Duvet Insert

parachute down duvet inset

A gift for both of you, really. Matt and I have this and think it significantly elevated our sleeping experience. Super breathable but also insanely cozy.

Stella Artois Chalice 2-Pack

stella artois chalice 2 pack

Believe me when I tell you—beer tastes better when you’re drinking it out of a chalice. I have a set of these and use them more than I would like to admit.

Two Piece Pajama Set

These pajamas are under $30 and have pretty stellar reviews. I love that they come in a handful of colors….and you truly can’t beat the price!

If you make a purchase through one of the links included in this post, I may make a small commission. As you know, I only feature products that I genuinely love.

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