The 15 Most Flattering Jeans for Women, Whether You’re Petite, Tall, Short, or Curvy

most flattering jeans for women

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a love/hate relationship with jeans. While I love wearing my go-to pair of jeans, the process of finding the right fit can certainly be daunting. It’s quite literally a process of elimination (hello, return labels!)

I’ll also admit that I’m guilty of keeping piles of jeans in my closet when in all reality I wear just a handful (don’t tell Matt). It feels like I’ve hit the jackpot when I come across a comfy pair that are both cute and quality.

It’s a challenge to find denim that fits your body type just right—and that stays fitting well after several washes.

Whether you’re tall, short, petite, curvy, or somewhere in between, I’ve done the leg work to source the most flattering jeans for women of every body type. Here’s to less stressful shopping….

most flattering jeans for women
most flattering jeans for women

The Most Flattering Jeans for Women

1. The Best Baggy Jeans: Rag & Bone Featherweight Logan Wide Leg Jeans

rag & bone featherweight Logan wide leg jeans

I know that not everyone loves the baggy jean trend, but clearly I’m a fan. These pants are definitely more of a splurge but I am not exaggerating when I say they feel like you’re wearing sweatpants. I love these for an everyday occasion but also think they’re particularly fitting for a European vacation. Plus, I love that these can be seamlessly transitioned from the summer to the fall.

2. The Best Flare Jeans: Mother The Weekender Mid-Rise Flare Jeans

If you’re under the impression that flared jeans are out of style, I hope the outfit above makes you think twice about that. I personally love the look of a slightly flared pant, and these jeans strike the perfect balance between classic and more unique. They’re easy to dress up or down, depending on the shoes and top you go with.

Also, I can’t stand when jeans get too stretched out and lose their shape throughout the day. These pass my fit test with flying colors.

3. The Best Wide Leg Jeans: Isabel Marant Lemony Wide Leg Jeans

Isabel Marant lemony wide leg jeans

Very much like baggy jeans, it’s likely that you either hate or love the wide leg denim look. I fall into the latter category and have been wearing this specific pair on repeat ever since I splurged on them. They are made with such insanely high quality that it’s honestly hard to wear any other brand now. I’ll definitely be trying more styles from this designer and will update this list as I find new pairs that are worthy!

4. The Best Low Rise Jeans: AGOLDE Low Rise Baggy Jeans

AGOLDE low rise baggy jeans

I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I want to wear low rise jeans?” Trust me, it’s fun to switch things up, but finding the perfect fit is key. You want to look for a pair that’s not too low but that also doesn’t sit above to your belly button, and these fit the bill.

They look really cute with a basic white t-shirt (Sofia Richie vibes) or with a bodysuit and some heels during a night out. AGOLDE makes a variety of low rise, baggy jeans and they truthfully all fit the same, so take your pick.

5. The Best Straight Leg Jeans: A&F Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean

A&F curve love ultra high rise 90s straight jean

These are constantly selling out and with good reason. They’re beloved by women of all body types—especially because they come in an impressive length range (extra short, short, regular, long, and extra long.) The Curve Love cut is specifically designed for women who are blessed with a booty. I love them so much, I’ve purchased them in two washes—one with rips and one without. 

6. The Best Skinny Jeans for Women: Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans

Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans

To those who say that skinny jeans are dead, I say… I do not care. I love my Levi 501 skinny’s, and no trend will ever change my mind about them! I’ve had mine for YEARS and also own them in a light and dark wash. I personally order mine one size down because I find that they stretch out and mold to my body. (However, they will be VERY tight for the first few wears.) 

7. The Best AGOLDE Jeans: AGOLDE Riley High Rise Straight Crop

AGolde Riley High Rise Straight Crop

I’m a huge fan of AGOLDE denim shorts, so I had a feeling I would like their jeans as well—but I was totally overwhelmed by all of the different styles. So, I did my due diligence… and ordered ALL OF THEM. It turns out, there was one clear winner: the Riley High Rise Straight Crop. They look perfect with sneakers, boots, and heels, and somehow feel like a “dressier” jean to me. I take my regular size in these.

8. The Best Jeans for Petite Women: Everlane ’90s Cheeky Jeans

Everlane '90s Cheeky Jeans

High-waisted jeans can be particularly flattering on petite women because they create the illusion of a hiked up waistline, elongating your legs in the process.

One tip when shopping for the right pair is to take note of the inseam, which tells you the actual length of the pants. By paying attention to the inseam, you’ll know whether or not you’re going to be drowning in length. This pair comes in a 26.5,” 28.5,” and 30.5″ inseam to accommodate different heights. Reviewers say that they do a good job holding you in without making you feel uncomfortable and restricted. I love that they’re available in a variety of classic washes.

9. The Best Jeans for Tall Women: Mother Rascal Skimp Jeans

mother rascal skimp jeans

If you’re on the taller side, you’ll want to gravitate more towards jeans with lengthier inseams—think 30″ and above. This ever so subtly faded pair clocks out at a 31.5″ inseam length, which is just generous enough for taller gals. The straight leg look is so on trend right now and would be cute paired with heels (as shown) or with white sneakers for a more casual look.

10. The Most Comfortable Jeans for Women: Just Black Cropped Jeans

just black cropped flared jeans

I’ve heard such great things about Just Black denim but haven’t had a chance to personally test them out yet. One of my friends swears that they’re the comfiest jeans she has ever owned. Here’s her review:

“I’ve never liked jeans because I’ve always thought they were so uncomfortable—needless to say that I’m extremely picky about wearing denim. I came across this brand at a boutique in Malibu and I’m so glad that I tried them on. This particular pair has the perfect amount of stretch without getting too baggy throughout the day. They’re so comfy that I find myself putting them on even on WFH days. I don’t think I’ll ever wear another brand of jeans!”

11. The Best Jeans for Curvy Women: Madewell Curvy ’90s Straight Jean

Madewell Curvy '90s Straight Jean

Madewell jeans have always been a trusted, comfy go-to. This pair was recommended by someone in the #SilbSquad. She mentioned that she has a smaller waist but a larger butt/thighs and these jeans don’t leave the dreaded waist gap. She also noted: “I get the ‘tall’ style and I’m 5’8” and I can cuff the bottoms. The regular length looked a little too highwater-y for me. The stretch they have is very forgiving, too.”

12. The Best Jeans for Short Women: Frame Le Crop Mini Boot Jeans

frame le crop mini boot jeans

The quality of Frame denim is unmatched—and the brand has such a large variety of sizes, styles, and fits. This particular pair is one of the brand’s best-sellers. They have a mid-rise fit and a medium level of stretch. With a 25.5″ inseam they fall at just the right spot on your calf if you’re on the shorter side.

13. The Best Jeans for Postpartum: Good American Always Fits Good Legs Jeans

good American always fits good legs jeans

These stretchy jeans came highly recommended by a #SilbSquad member. Her review: “I’m two months postpartum and just got a pair of Good American’s Always Fits in classic black. The pair I got work for sizes 6 through 12, so they fit now and will continue to work with my changing body. It was nice not to have to mentally deal with purchasing a larger size of my regular jeans.”

14. The Best Jeans for a Big Booty: Paige Cindy High Waist Straight Leg Jeans

Paige Cindy high waist straight leg jeans

Paige jeans are known to be comfy without sacrificing good shape. They also hold up really well over time and wash and dry nicely for a long-lasting fit. This cropped style is made with just the right amount of spandex to conform to your body while giving your booty some good lift.

15. The Best J.Crew Jeans: J.Crew Mid-Rise Toothpick Jean

j.crew mid-rise toothpick jeans

It’s no secret that J.Crew is a good go-to for affordable jeans that offer a streamlined look that keeps you comfy. While the brand has many great denim styles, I’ve found their skinny jeans to be particularly flattering and cozy to wear throughout the day.

These toothpick jeans are noted to be mid-rise, but I feel like they are definitely more on the higher side (which I personally love.) They’re available in a classic fit as well as petite and tall, and they also come in several washes.

Another perk is that J.Crew frequently has sales (and they have outlet stores) so you can score a pair at a budget-friendly price point.

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