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25+ Adorable and Practical Holiday Gifts For Your Pet (or Pet-Obsessed Friend)

Pet gift ideas

Shopping for the holidays is either something you love or hate, but the one pal on your list you might actually enjoy spending money on? Your pet (aka best friend)! If you’re a pet parent then you likely spoil your furry friend year round, but Christmas offers up the perfect excuse to be a little extra.

I’ve rounded up some of the products I have for Pierre, as well as cute and practical finds for dogs and cats. Plus, if you still need to find a gift for a friend or family member, I’ve included some picks for the pet lovers in your life.

Gifts for Dogs

  • This pumice stone quickly and easily removes pet hair from unwanted places, like your couch or the carpet in your car.

  • We have this super soft bathrobe for Pierre and love wrapping him in it post-bath time. It’s so absorbent and it’s adorable to see him walk around in.
  • We also have this donut shaped bed, which is inviting for four-legged friends to curl up in. I love that it comes in so many different sizes and colors.
  • Your pup will be dreaming about this fast food toy set. Each item is double layered and double stitched for durability.
  • Keep your dog’s fur soft and shiny with this Ouai pet shampoo. It’s super hydrating to both the fur and skin and has delicious notes of orange, peony, and jasmine.
  • You might not think your dog needs a memory foam bed, but they sure think they do! This dog bed by Casper has insanely good reviews from customers who love the quality.

  • Keep an eye on your favorite pal while you’re running errands or away on a trip with this dog camera. Bonus: It doubles as a treat dispenser!

  • Customize these dog bowls with up to 26 characters and a choice of 10 emojis. They’re dishwasher safe and are made with a no-slip base.
  • A pineapple pet bed for dogs who strive for a luxurious, seaside lifestyle.

  • This machine washable (and super chic!) pet blanket is perfect for placing in the trunk of your car.

  • The brand Fluff and Tuff makes some of the most durable dog toys out there. My friend’s German Shepherd tugs on this trout toy daily and it doesn’t have a single tear in it. It also cleans up nicely in the washing machine!
  • This silicone licking mat is perfect for spreading peanut butter across. It will keep your dog busy and satisfied for a good chunk of time.
  • A stretchy yet secure harness for long walks with your best friend. This one is adjustable to suit all shapes and sizes.

  • If you’ve ever wondered what breed your dog really is, this DNA kit is super comprehensive and easy to use. It even connects you with your dog’s “family members” like other dogs that are as close in relationship as human first cousins.
  • This boxed set doubles up as a gift for you and your pup. It comes with a waste bag holder, giraffe toy, tennis ball, and canvas bone, but you can also add a bottle of wine to your purchase. Another perk? The company gives back to children with special needs and their families.

Gifts for Cats

  • This ceramic pagoda will be a hit with any cat that likes to bat at moving water. Plus, it makes a subtle yet soothing noise that creates a relaxing WFH environment.

  • A plush, sherpa bed that’s shaped just like your cat.

Gifts for Pet Lovers

  • Stemless wine glasses embellished with a pup print. These would also make a great holiday hostess gift for the dog lover in your life!
  • A custom portrait of your beloved pet will be a keepsake you treasure all your life. Just submit a photo of your pet and they’ll create an illustration that’s framed and ready to hang.

Check out my Amazon page for more of my favorite pet finds!

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    December 14, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    I love the “Winenot” set. My license plate reads Whynott ” Defitely will check into this personalized gift.


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