10 Rainy Day Outfits to Keep You Dry and Cozy

rainy day outfit with a trench coat and leather leggings

While I’m certainly more of a sunny weather girl (you truly can’t beat Miami weather) rainy days are obviously inevitable. If rain is in the forecast, I’d highly prefer to post up at home and crank out some work, yet it always seems to be raining when I have errands to run or appointments to get to. I’m sure you can relate.

And don’t even get me started on getting dressed for the rain—putting in effort only to go outside and get soaked? No thanks.

However, there are times when you just have to suck it up and go out and about even when the conditions are unfavorable. For that reason, I thought I’d share a roundup of some comfortable yet cute rainy day outfit ideas.

Whether you’re dodging puddles on your way into work or you have commitments you can’t reschedule, these 10 outfits will help you master the art of dressing for the rain.

10 Rainy Day Outfits

You can’t go wrong with a classic trench coat outfit on a rainy day. One major perk to this look is that it can easily be thrown together with items you likely already have in your closet. If you aren’t sure how to style a trench coat, this post is full of ideas!

For pants, I’d keep things comfortable and basic with some black leggings (if you prefer a more tailored look, try some straight-leg denim.) For your top, a striped sleeveless sweater can add some fun pattern on a dreary day. Finish things off with a timeless trench—this one is my absolute favorite and it’s from Amazon.

As for your boots, try a classic tall pair of Hunter rain boots or even something shorter in a shiny material.

This is another look that can be thrown together for an appointment or a quick dinner date when you don’t want to get too dressed up.

Grab some straight-leg or skinny jeans (depending on what boots you go with) for your bottoms, then add a sweater or crewneck and layer with a bomber jacket or oversized blazer.

The key is to stay warm while achieving a well-styled look, which can be done by wearing lots of layers. Consider adding a chunky knit scarf for additional warmth. Also, opting for a sweatshirt with a hood can be a bonus if you need to keep your hair dry.

rainy day outfit - jeans, hoodie, rain coat, and rain boots
Photo Credit: @itsyuyann

This is similar to the look above but with denim on denim! If you’re just dealing with a light drizzle and you don’t feel the need for a rain coat or trench coat, reach for a denim jacket instead. This will look best when styled with a darker pair of jeans or black leggings (you could also try leather leggings for a more elevated feel!) Wear a quarter zip or a slouchy sweatshirt underneath.

This outfit would look adorable with these olive green rain boots but this glossy black pair is also cute.

A rainy day is the perfect time to go to the gym (or at least put on your gym clothes and go get a coffee.) This look is super easy to put together and it’s versatile enough to wear throughout all seasons.

A jumpsuit or one-piece is a good go-to since you don’t have to worry about what pair of pants will stay dry in the weather. Throw on a long trench coat or rain jacket and definitely don’t forget a hat! This look can incorporate waterproof sneakers rather than traditional rain boots.

If you go the sneaker route, don’t forget to wear some chunky socks, which are super popular right now.

rainy day outfit idea - athleisure with a rain coat and baseball hat
Photo Credit: BlingDear (Pinterest)

If you’ve had date night planned for weeks but the weather is just not cooperating, don’t sweat it! This look is quick to throw together on a whim and is manageable to stay comfortable in despite the weather.

A simple maxi dress will help elevate your look and make you feel feminine—even with a trench coat on top! Instead of traditional rain boots, opt for water resistant boots (or booties!)

Tip: If you’re worried about your hair, try a slicked back ponytail or bun. A wax styling stick will give you a sleek look while taming flyaways (which are always so much worse on a rainy day.)

All black works for any outfit—especially on a dark, rainy day. Keep things fun and edgy with this look. Rather than a traditional rain coat or trench, go with an extra long puffy vest over a long black sleeve top.

Black leggings as your base are great, but you could also change things up and go with a patent pair of faux leather leggings. Tall or short boots work (just up to personal preferences) but I’d go with a black pair to keep the monochromatic vibe going.

rain boot outfit with leggings and a puffer vest
Photo Credit: @joannarahier

If you work in a business casual-style office and have to commute in the rain, this outfit is for you.

Leggings with a slit, flare leg pants, or some trousers would pair nicely with a shorter, weatherproof bootie. On top, use a bodysuit as your base and a tailored blazer as your finishing touch. If the rain is really coming down, throw a trench coat on top.

A rainy day is the perfect time to bring out some fun color. Maybe you try a pink and preppy rain coat or you find some red rain boots to style with a basic pair of jeans. White rain boots would also offer a nice statement without being too bright. Balance the bold look by styling it with a simple sweater vest or a black long sleeve tee on the top.

pink rain coat outfit with jeans and pink rain boots
Photo Credit: Breanna Drennan (Pinterest)

There’s something about rainy weather that makes it so tempting to just lounge around in your pajamas all day. For that reason, it’s a good thing that oversized sweats and “comfortable chic” outfits are so trendy right now (convenient, right?)

Start by changing out of your pjs and into a more presentable yet just as comfy sweater and trench coat. Since it’s raining, sweatpants or cargo pants can pass as acceptable bottom options. Finish the look with short rain boots, which will help keep everything cohesive when you’re wearing baggy pants.

There’s no denying that black jeans are a wardrobe staple, and they just so happen to look chic when paired with a shiny pair of rain boots. Opt for a skinny pair of black denim so they tuck in easily.

I’d go with a white button down shirt as a top—this will keep things sleek and simple. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bright rain jacket, but otherwise, a neutral will do.

Which rainy day outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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