That Time I Threw a Frette Pajama Party at the St. Regis

frette st regis bal harbour

When I left my job at Town & Country to go off on my own, I decided to make a list of the companies that I dreamed of working with. I admittedly aimed high. (Manifesting is a thing for a reason, isn’t it?) Anyway, the very first brand that came to mind was St. Regis.

As a magazine editor covering luxury travel, I’ve been lucky enough to stay at some of the nicest hotels in the world—and when I think back on my most memorable experiences, somehow, they almost always involve a St. Regis. I hate to admit it, but it takes a lot for a property to truly wow me these days—and St. Regis hotels “wow” me every single time.

So when St. Regis invited Matt & I to shack up at their property in Bal Harbour for the weekend, I was like…how soon can we check in? If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that when it comes to traveling, I’m a “do-er.” I like to get up early, stay out late, and experience every single thing a city has to offer. But toward the end of last month, I honestly started to feel a little burnt out—I still wanted to travel (of course) but I kept thinking about how incredible it would be to go somewhere warm and do something I almost never do: nothing.

st regis bal harbour
One of my all-time favorite hotel lobbies. It’s SO GLAM.

I knew the St. Regis Bal Harbour would be perfect for a “do nothing” weekend, because I’d stayed there years ago with a girlfriend, and I remembered it being one of the most chill, luxurious, relaxing places ever. (An added bonus: the hotel has a partnership with Frette, which you know I’m obsessed with, so I immediately started fantasizing about wearing a fancy Frette bathrobe for 72 hours straight without ever leaving the property.)

SPOILER ALERT: that’s exactly what I did. And it was exactly what I needed. I forced Matt to indulge my dream of having a “hotel suite slumber party” in our PJs (Frette, obv)—so we ordered an absurd amount of room service, got a bottle of champagne, and binge-watched Netflix. The next day we slept in, went to the spa, took naps out on the balcony, and walked on the beach at sunset. Seriously….BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.

st regis bal harbour

For the sake of transparency, I should also mention that we documented the entire thing on social media, shot 300+ photos, edited about 50 of them, and curated each moment to look perfect on my Instagram feed…mostly because that’s my job now and the #content was too good to pass up.

Still, it was incredibly relaxing. And the moral of the story—if there even is one?—is that sometimes doing nothing can be pretty awesome. (Especially when you’re at a St. Regis. HA!) Hopefully this will inspire you all to do nothing on your next trip…and not feel guilty about it.

Below are a few of the highlights (complete with behind-the-scenes commentary):

“Woke up like this.”

Lol BLATANT LIE. Definitely woke up looking like a train wreck and did an entire face of makeup before taking this photo.

Further proof that the St. Regis just gets it: when we asked the butler to take a photo for us, she was like… “GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES TO RUN DOWNSTAIRS AND GET YOU A FRESH FLOWER. EVERY BREAKFAST PHOTO NEEDS A FRESH FLOWER.” Do you die?

breakfast at st regis bal harbour
We’re wearing matching Frette robes with our initials on them because we’re an annoying couple like that. (If you, too, would like to coordinate robes with your significant other, here are the ones we have.)
lindsay silberman st regis bal harbour
Oh look, it’s me in my bathrobe again! This time at the spa.
StRegis Bal Harbour
I did bring actual clothes on this trip. But not many.
st regis bal harbour lindsay silberman
The sunset was so insanely beautiful, I decided to wake Matt up from his blissful nap so we could “enjoy it” together. And by “enjoy it,” I mean…take photos.
st regis bal harbour
I can’t think of the last time I took a bath at a hotel—primarily because I’m always rushing around trying to get from one place to the next. It was nice to be able to take advantage of having a chic tub in our room for a change.
st regis bal harbour
Doing what I do best! (Wine.)
frette st regis bal harbour
The highlight of the trip, as far as I’m concerned. I felt like I was living my childhood fantasy! I’m so glad I shlepped these little string lights all the way to Miami because they ended up looking kind of cool in the photo, don’t you think?

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