Why I Decided to Partner With Stella Artois

stella artois

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that in October I decided to leave my job as a magazine editor to pursue the whacky world of life as an “influencer.” What I’ve learned over the past few months of doing this full-time is that if you have a loyal, engaged following (which I do) there are A LOT OF BRANDS that will want to work with you. It’s a good feeling. But it also means you need to be confident in your own identity, and only say yes to things you believe in; things that you know your audience will find helpful or interesting in some way.

When Stella Artois first approached me about working together, I was PUMPED. It’s one of the only beers I actually drink—first of all because it’s good (especially for people like me, who aren’t hard-core beer drinkers), and second of all because it’s like…really chic. Which is, you know, not something you can say about most beers. The minute I saw the email from their team, I turned to Matt and said “OMG THIS IS SO ON BRAND”—and that was before I even read through the proposal.

ANYWAY…it turned out they weren’t just asking me to post about how fab the beer is—they wanted me to help them promote a campaign that has a charitable component, which made the whole thing even more of a no-brainer.

Here’s the gist: this Super Bowl season, Stella Artois is partnering with for their #PourItForward campaign to provide clean water to those in developing countries like Peru, Tanzania, and Mexico. They’ve agreed to make a donation to for every bottle or pint of Stella sold until March 31st—up to $2.25 million. They’re also donating $3.33—the cost to provide 5 years of clean water for one person—from the purchase of each Limited-Edition Chalice (aka the fancy gold-rimmed glasses seen below.)

stella artois chalice

Stella Artois and began working together in 2015, and in the four years since, they’ve helped provide access to clean water for more than 1.7 million people. Their goal is to reach 3.5 million people by 2020, and here’s how you can help: Purchase one of three (or all three!) chalices designed by watercolor artist Eili-Kaija Kussniem here. Each design represents the vibrant impact water has on the families living in these developing countries.

It’s an amazing way for you to make an impact on someone’s life by LITERALLY buying a beer and a glass. And if you’re not already convinced, do it because SJP says so.

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