Your Most Common Travel Questions, Answered

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Every month, I ask the #SilbSquad what questions they have on the topic of the month. In January, we talked all about travel. I’m answering the most popular questions you had below!

With 57 countries under my belt and more than a decade of traveling regularly, I think it’s safe to say that I’m an expert in the field. I’ve made every mistake you could imagine—missed flights, lost luggage, exploding hair irons—but with each disastrous experience, I’ve grown a little bit wiser, and a LOT savvier when it comes to traveling like a seasoned pro. You can read more of my travel tips and hacks here.

Q. How do you decide which airline to be most loyal to?
A. Choose the airline that has a hub at your closest airport, or the airline that flies most frequently to the type of destinations you travel to. For example, if you’re in New Jersey and fly out of Newark, United is going to be your best bet. If you’re in Dallas or LA? American probably makes the most sense. New Yorkers who fly out of JFK or LGA, as well as those in Atlanta, will do well by going with Delta! 

Q. How to get a good deal when traveling last minute?
A. I always suggest looking at HotelTonight! They get really great last minute hotel deals.

Q. Places for a couples getaway for a slightly less than luxury budget?
A. Depends where you’re traveling from, but some domestic places I love are:
Hudson Valley
San Juan

Q. Affordable St Barths?!?!
A. Ok so this is actually possible. I go into more detail about it in these posts but basically there are a handful of small cottages, 2-person villas, and apartment-style condos that you can find for a reasonable price—especially if you’re willing to go off-season. Matt & I stayed in one that was a guest house belonging to a larger property. It was amazing! We had our own pool, our own kitchen, and complete privacy. 

Q. Packing tips for carry-on only?
A. Print out your itinerary and jot notes next to each event with what you plan to wear. Create some overlap between pieces — and pack classic staple items that can be worn multiple ways. Then do not pack anything beyond that!

Q. How do you pack your makeup/toiletries?
A. Makeup goes in one bag, toiletries go in another. My mom got me this cosmetics case for Christmas and it’s big enough to dedicate to both if you prefer that!  

Q. Do you ever use a travel agent?
A. Yes I have! Mostly for longer, multi-city trips like my honeymoon. Travel agents are GREAT and I always recommend using them. My Facebook group has a bunch of threads with specific people to use!

Q. Weekend girls trip to somewhere warm. Where should we go?
Key West or Palm Springs!

Q. How to get free/discounted parking at hotels?
A. I don’t really drive so I’m not super familiar with tips for this, but Matt said he always looks for a hotel rate that includes parking (because usually it’s a bit of a discount from what they usually charge.)

Q. Tips on planning a destination wedding in Mexico?
A. Hire a wedding planner! Honestly that’s my best piece of advice. They’ll save you money in the long run and are experts on all the best vendors/properties in the area.

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