16 White Sneakers Outfit Ideas You’ll Find in Your Own Closet

white sneakers outfits

For me, white sneakers are a wardrobe staple that I truly could not live without. I love how versatile they are, how many styles there are, and how many different ways you can wear them. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to ideas for styling a cute white sneakers outfit.

Most times I’ll throw them on with jeans or denim shorts for a casual look, but in the fall, I also love wearing white sneakers with a dress and jean jacket (although, in my opinion, you can only pull this off with a specific style of white sneakers—more on that below.)

My absolute favorite pairs of white sneakers (and the pair you all love the most) are these from Sam Edelman. I also love these Adidas ones (an affordable classic!), these APLs (sporty and the comfiest white sneakers I own), and these Cariumas (I call them a “dainty” high-top.)

If you have a pair you love, but you’ve found yourself wondering “what do white sneakers go with?” This post has you covered.

Below, I’ll show you how to wear white sneakers with dresses, how to wear white sneakers with jeans, how to style them in the winter, and everything in between.

Read on for a list of zero-effort, easy-to-pull-off white sneakers outfit ideas. Oh, and I also have an entire blog post dedicated to the absolute best white sneakers for women here.

White Sneakers Outfit Ideas

1. Boyfriend Jeans + White Tee

white tee with boyfriend jeans and white sneakers
Photo Credit: Brooke Testoni

A classic is a classic for a reason. Simple, stylish, and can be easily dressed up or down with accessories.

This outfit is a perfect example of why I love Adidas Stan Smiths so much—they have a vintage vibe and look so cute with everything, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt.

White sneakers paired with straight leg jeans is basically the “it” girl look these days (it gives a major Sofia Richie vibe.) I love that you can wear this outfit from errands to happy hour—there’s something to be said about versatility!

2. Casual Mini Dress + Jean Jacket

casual mini dress with jean jacket

Worn with a mini dress, white sneakers help keep a look casual and cool. Slip on a pair of sandals or wedges come nighttime, add a denim jacket, and you’ve got an easy day-to-night look.

The secret to wearing white sneakers with a dress without looking ridiculous? Pay attention to proportions.

Personally, I try to avoid wearing chunky white sneakers with flowy dresses, and instead opt for a more narrow silhouette. To me, chunkier, bulky white sneakers have more of an athletic feel, and can totally overwhelm a feminine dress.

As far as fabrics go, anything you prefer would work. I personally like linen and t-shirt style dresses, but again, you can bring the feel of a dress down a bit by pairing one with sneakers.

3. Midi Skirt + T-Shirt

midi skirt with t shirt outfit
Photo Credit: @Fashion_Jackson

Keep a silk midi skirt casual by adding a knotted vintage tee and a classic pair of white sneakers.

The sneakers seen in this photo are insanely comfortable and were actually made popular when Meghan Markle was spotted wearing them years ago!

4. All Black Outfit with White Sneakers

black t shirt black jeans jean jacket outfit
Photo Credit: @theperennialstyle

Another classic look. Pair black skinny jeans with a black v-neck t-shirt. The white sneakers and jean jacket will help break up the all black in this outfit. If you get too hot with the jacket on, it will totally look just as cute tied around your waist.

P.S. If you’re looking for a great pair of affordable black jeans, you MUST order these. They are so flattering and everyone I’ve recommended them to swears by them now!

5. Band Tee + Biker Shorts

white sneakers with bike shorts and band tee
Photo Credit: @latishaspringer

This is pretty much my summer wardrobe. Throw on a vintage tee with a pair of bike shorts, and you’re good to go. Perfect for running errands or grabbing an iced coffee!

These best-selling black bike shorts from Amazon have nearly 100,000 reviews.

In terms of the white sneakers… sure, Golden Goose aren’t for everyone, but you can’t deny their cult following. (Personally I love them!)

6. Leather Leggings + Blazer

leather leggings with a blazer outfit
Photo Credit: Maria Rek

We love a good pair of leather leggings around here. Add a plaid blazer, like the one above, and you’ve got an A+ look for brunch with the girls.

You can pull this off with either a chunky white sneaker, or something a bit more streamlined. If you’re looking for shiny leather leggings, here’s the pair seen above.

I’m also a big fan of the Spanx legging (I’ve worn these for years!)

7. Matching Sweatsuit

matching sweatsuit with white sneakers

I live for my matching loungewear—it just makes sweats look a little more put together.

Currently I’m obsessed with these sweatpants, which has a matching top you can buy separately. If you want to layer, just throw a white t shirt on underneath. I’m also a big fan of this set, which is a great Spanx dupe (and it’s from Amazon.)

8. Jumpsuit + White Sneakers

what to wear with white sneakers

I’m very into this printed red jumpsuit and white sneakers look! I will say that (at least for me) it was important to add a belt bag to this look, since it looked kind of like a tent without something cinching my waist.

9. Leggings + Long Cardigan

leggings and long cardigan and white sneakers
Photo Credit: @miamiamine

The addition of the gold jewelry and baseball cap makes this outfit feel put together but oh-so-effortless.

These sneakers are best-sellers for a reason. Super comfy—they feel like clouds on your feet! And here’s an awesome pair of faux leather leggings that I would recommend.

10. Blue Jeans + Camel Coat

blue jeans with camel coat outfit
Photo Credit: @Fashion_Jackson

Another classic that’s polished without looking too formal. A camel coat looks adorable with fresh white kicks and black oversized sunnies. You could also go with a khaki coat or a trench coat if you want something more lightweight.

Style tip: If you want white sneakers that look somewhat professional/put together, opt for leather sneakers.

11. Midi Dress with White Sneakers

maxi dress with white sneakers
Photo Credit: @galmeetsglam

A floral midi dress is a spring and summer staple, and it would look so cute when paired with clean white sneakers.

One thing I’d recommend if you’re not sure how to wear white sneakers with a dress: always remember proportions (like I mentioned earlier!) A fuller dress would definitely works best with a less bulky white sneaker.

Also, I would opt for a dress that hits at the shin or above. If you get too close to ankle territory, you’ll risk looking like a little grandma. (Not that there’s anything wrong with grandmas.)

If you don’t love how midi dresses look, a shirt dress paired with sneakers is also a good go-to!

12. Jean Shorts + a Tank or Tee

white sneaker outfit with denim shorts and a white tee

If you’re wearing jean shorts with white sneakers, you have a bit more flexibility on the style of white sneaker to go for. Chunky, platform, high-top, slip-on…pretty much anything goes.

These are my absolute favorite denim cut-off shorts of all time. Just pair them with a basic tank or tee and your’e set!

13. Leather Leggings + Oversized Sweatshirt + Jean Jacket

leather leggings with oversized sweatshirt and jean jacket and white sneakers
Photo Credit: @taraeileen_

I know that I’ve said it a million times but you really can’t go wrong with leather leggings.

I love pairing them with a vintage-inspired sweatshirt—I have two different styles from this brand and I absolutely love them.

Also, you can slip a denim jacket on if the weather is chilly, or wear a denim jacket tied around your waist in case you’re going somewhere with unpredictable temps.

14. Belted White Jumpsuit

white sneakers for women

I would have never thought to pair this white jumpsuit with white sneakers, but on a trip to Japan least year, I needed shoes that were comfortable enough to wear all day, so I had no choice!

And it turned out to be one of my favorite white sneakers outfits!

15. Monochromatic Cropped T-Shirt + Skirt with White Sneakers

Monochromatic Cropped T-Shirt + Skirt

The perfect, casual approach to the monochromatic trend. Love the gray cropped t-shirt (ASOS and Target have affordable ones) with the grey midi skirt and chunky sneaks.

16. All White Outfit with White Sneakers

white sneaker outfit inspo

I’ll end with my all-time favorite white sneakers outfit… white on white!

There’s nothing chicer than a white button down shirt and a classic pair of white jeans. If you’re wondering how to wear white sneakers in winter? This is how. Winter white is everything—and combining that with white sneakers results in a timeless look.

Throw on a faux fur coat and you’re ready to take over the world.

Are there any white sneakers outfits you love that I forgot to mention here? Drop your faves in the comment section below!

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16 White Sneakers Outfit Ideas

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