Spring Wardrobe Staples: The Perfect Sweater, Blazer, Button-Down and More

You know when you stumble upon a brand for the first time and you’re like… wait – where has this been all my life?! That’s how I felt when I was introduced to a brand called Faherty. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it?!)

I initially heard about Faherty on Instagram. A friend of mine posted a photo where she was wearing a super cute chambray button-down shirt, and when I DMd her to ask for the link, she directed me to Faherty and told me I would be obsessed with the brand.

Faherty Review

For whatever reason, I never bought the shirt (I probably got distracted doing something else). Then, not a week later as I was walking Pierre in Brooklyn, I looked up and noticed a storefront I could swear I’d never seen before.

It was a Faherty that had just opened AROUND THE CORNER from my apartment. I ended up going in, and from then on, I fully understood why so many people adore the brand.

Faherty Clothing Review

The Faherty aesthetic really resonated with me because it’s reflective of my current style: classic pieces that are well-made and not overly trendy. They’re pieces I won’t be sick of next year.

Also, now that we live between two cities, I like to buy clothes that feel appropriate to wear in both New York and Miami (which is actually harder to find than you might think.) Plus, they’re things I can wear when I’m traveling and want to look put-together but also be comfortable.

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Comfort, in my opinion, is Faherty’s greatest selling point. You truly can not appreciate what these fabrics are like until you touch them in real life. (I feel like photos don’t do them justice!)

Faherty Review: Best Things to Buy from Faherty

I’m so excited to be partnering with Faherty to share some new things I picked out for Spring, and some things that Matt is loving as well.

As a reminder, you can use code SILBERMAN20 to buy anything below, or anything sitewide, for the next 72 hours only.

Women’s Inlet Blazer

Faherty Inlet Blazer
I’m wearing a size XS.
Faherty Inlet Blazer Review

The piece that surprised me the most! Imagine a blazer made out of thick, comfy sweatshirt material. Looks so cute with denim and a white tee.

Women’s Legend Sweater Shirt

Women's Legend Sweater Shirt
Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt
I’m wearing a size XS.

As you know, button-downs are basically my uniform. Pretty much all the button downs I own are linen, which made the material of this one such a standout.

It’s SO soft and actually has a lot of stretch to it, making it perfect to tie at the waist or drape over your shoulders. I’m thinking about getting it in a few more colors.

Women’s Sunwashed Fisherman Crew

Sunwashed Fisherman Crew
I’m wearing a size Small.

A truly perfect white knit sweater. Feels super high-quality and well-made. Ideal for this weird time of year when you’re not sure whether it’s going to be hot or cold. I also plan to wear it on chilly summer nights.

Men’s Movement 5-Pocket Pant

Men's Movement 5-Pocket Pant
Matt’s wearing a size 31.

When our Faherty order came in the mail, I heard Matt opening the package in the other room. His immediate reaction upon taking out the pants?

“WOAHHHH. These are SO SOFT.” (Are you sensing a theme here?) I love the way they fit him, and they look cute rolled at the ankles too.

Men’s Beacon Trunk

Faherty Review Men's Fashion
Matt’s wearing a size medium.

Matt’s pretty picky about swimwear but when I showed him these he said he’d be open to trying them out. They are now officially Matt-approved.

Love the pattern, and again, how incredibly soft they are. You can tell they’re the kind of swim trunks that will hold up well over time.

Faherty Review Men's Fashion

Another thing I forgot to mention that I love about Faherty? They’re a family-built brand, founded by twin brothers Alex and Mike Faherty. Highly recommend checking out some of their other things here while my code is active!

Or, if you’re a fellow Williamsburg resident, I’d definitely suggest popping into their store on Wythe!

Faherty Spring Wardrobe Staples
Dog sitting on sand

This post was created in partnership with Faherty. As you know, I only work with brands I genuinely buy and love.

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