The 24 Best White Sneakers for Men 2021

White Sneakers for Men

Very few things in life evoke the same feeling you get when unboxing a brand new pair of white sneakers. Whether you spend $50, $100, or $500 nothing boosts your confidence and overall look like a fresh pair of kicks.

And let’s face it, white sneakers match all the essentials for men, from jeans to comfortable loungewear, so why make your life more complicated than it already is by trying to match outfits with colorful shoes?!

However, within this seemingly simple category there are an abundance of options (white leather sneakers, canvas sneakers, chunky sneakers, high-tops, low-tops, athletic sneakers, and more) so allow me to break things down and make it easy for you to find the perfect pair.

And for the ladies, my wife Lindsay has you covered with her best white sneakers for women too.

— Matt Stevens (@instahusband)

The 24 Best White Sneakers for Men 2021


KOIO Capri Triple White Leather Sneaker

Koio White Sneakers for Men

Personally, these leather sneakers from Koio are my absolute go-tos. No other brand comes close to this level of comfort and (Italian-made) quality at this price point.

I’ve been wearing this brand for years, ever since the co-founders invited me to their shop in Soho to discover how they were going to disrupt the sneaker industry forever.

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneaker

Common Projects Low Top Achilles White Sneakers for Men

Nothing says classic luxury like donning a pair of Common Projects and the coveted gold serial number famously stamped on the outside of the shoe.

The term “Achilles” has become synonymous with the brand and comes in low and high-top lengths.

I’ve been wearing the high-tops (in Black) ever since I discovered the brand back in 2015 at small menswear boutique in NYC.


SUPERGA 2750 COTU Classic White Sneaker

Superga White Sneakers for Men

These Superga canvas sneakers came highly recommended from my followers on Instagram.

The response was so overwhelming I had to include them in this round-up (even though I don’t actually own a pair). By the time you read this I’ll have a pair on its way.

Cariuma OCA Low Off-White Canvas Sneakers

Cariuma White Sneakers for Men

This pair of Cariuma Off-Whites were my first introduction to canvas sneakers.

They’ve literally gone with me around the world from Japan to the Maldives and are absolutely one of my favorites.

The owners David and Fernando are from Brazil (one of my favorite destinations) and I love that they’re laser-focused on sustainability and protecting our environment.

Vans Classic Canvas Slip-On

Vans White Slip On Sneakers for Men

A classic since 1966, there’s simply nothing more timeless and clean than these slip-ons from Vans.

Many have tried to copy the look but few have been able to stick around as long as they have.

I love leather sneakers more than anything but sometimes you need that laid back comfort, breathability, and simplicity of canvas and this shoe has it all.

Pro Tip: Nothing is more depressing than dirty white sneakers. This easy-to-use shoe cleaner from Jason Markk will keep your kicks looking like the first time you brought them home. Well…pretty close!


Nike Renew Running Shoe

Nike Renew White Running Sneaker for Men

The Renew running shoe from Nike contains all the elements of the perfect trainer.

Breathable mesh reduces feet sweat, the soft cushioning maximizes comfort, and its strong rubber sole gives you the support and durability you need to tackle more rugged outdoor terrains.

Adidas UltraBoost

Adidas Ultraboost White Running Sneaker for Men

The Adidas UltraBoost is the runner’s running shoe. There’s good reason why it’s become a household name in the category and thats because of it’s forward-thinking technology.

The Boost midsole boasts what Adidas calls “eTPU” technology which increases energy return by absorbing and returning a runner’s kinetic output – thereby increasing performance.

Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) Techloom Breeze

Athletic Propulsion Labs Running Shoe for Men

The APL Techloom came highly recommended to me by my wife Lindsay (the founder of this blog) and many of her followers.

Of course I confirmed their choice with a few of my male followers (including athletes) to make sure it was a legit pick for men too.

Everyone says these feel like putting on a pair of socks and who would’t want to run comfortably (and safely) wearing a par of socks?

Allbirds Tree Dashers

Allbirds White Running Shoes for Men

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, let me introduce you to Allbirds.

Known for their trifecta of breathable marino wool, extremely comfortable cushioning, and sustainable materials, there’s good reason the brand has developed a cult following since its debut.

Fun fact: The name Allbirds is a nod to New Zealand’s first settlers who found so few animals on the island they would primarily hunt birds. The more you know.


Vans High Top Sneaker

Vans White High Top Sneakers for Men

High top sneakers are an absolute must-have for the Fall and Winter seasons. If you’re one of those guys who never made room in your closet for a pair, these classic Vans are the perfect introduction.

They’re inexpensive, comfortable (made with canvas), and style perfectly with any pair of jeans or chinos.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

Converse White High Top Sneakers for Men

If I didn’t include a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars in this round up I might as well quit blogging and move to the woods.

Personally, I prefer the look of the Chuck Taylor All Stars in high top over the low. I also love to cuff my jeans and pants at the bottom which in Fall and Winter isn’t necessarily practical without the high-top.

People say you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he’s wearing, and the Chuck Taylors will be sure to label you cool, classic, and cultured.

Nike SB Charge Solar Mid Canvas

Nike White High Tops Sneakers for Men

I threw these Nike canvas high-tops into the roundup because I think they work better with different outfits than the two options above.

While the Vans & Chuck Taylors work better with chinos and skinny jeans (somewhat of a hipster or skater look), I see these Nike’s working better with a more straight-cut jean or baggier pant.

Common Projects Achilles High Top Sneaker

Common Projects High Top Achilles White Sneakers for Men

Let’s not forget that white sneakers (whether low or high-top) work great with not only jeans but more business casual looks too. Especially now in this “new normal” lots of people are ditching their lace-up cap toe shoes for a more casual look.

These leather mid tops from Common Projects are clean, extremely high quality, and the brand (noted by the gold serial number printed on the outside of the shoe) carries a similar caché to many of today’s top luxury brands.


Ankari Floruss Saturday Lace Up Sneaker

Ankari Floruss White Satruday Sneaker For Men

In addition to being a fan of classic, quality goods, I’m an even bigger fan of small businesses. This brand was started by two local NYC blogger & influencers Moti Ankari and Marcel Floruss and includes a complete line of sneakers, boots, and dress shoes.

All their products are designed in NYC, made in Italy, and come with the added benefit of two great Instagram account who can show you different ways to style your purchase.

Greats Royale Blanco Sneaker

Greats White Sneakers for Men

How could I not include a shoe that’s designed in my home borough of Brooklyn NY AND is also handmade in Italy?

I love the stitch pattern and slight perforations on this shoe that differentiates it from other brands. When you’re wearing anything that is white it’s easy for things to start looking alike so texture and pattern is always nice to keep things interesting.

Soludos Ashore Mesh Sneaker

Soludos Mesh Sneaker for Men

I’ve been wearing Saludos’ mesh Derby espadrilles forever (now discontinued unfortunately) so when they came out with a sneaker with the same mesh material I was obviously very excited.

What’s really cool is that the mesh is made from woven post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and the sole is made from recycled rubber. It’s always good to reduce your carbon footprint right?


Adidas Stan Smith Low Top Sneaker

Adidas Stan Smith White Sneaker for Men

To me, the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker falls into a similar category as the Chuck Taylor’s; both named after famous male athletes and both viewed as classic must-own styles for men.

The sneaker is also very affordable so if you’re the kind of guy (or your man is the kind of guy) that likes to wear brand new sneakers all the time, these are easy on the wallet to replace and likely always in stock in your size.

Asics Tiger

ASICS White Running Shoe for Men

The ASCIS Tiger sneakers has a number of benefits making it an essential addition to this roundup. Number one it’s a long standing and reputable brand.

Number two it may be the least expensive sneaker I found when researching for this post and comes in every size under the sun.

And most importantly it adds a different brand and look to the athletic sneaker rotation which is commonly dominated by the Nikes and Adidas of the world.

Tretorn Nyliteplus Sneaker

Tretorn White Sneaker For Men

Tretorn is another brand that honestly I hadn’t heard of until doing more research on the category. Their name came up numerous times when asking my followers for their favorites.

Tretorn (meaning “Three Towers”) hails from Sweden and the name is a nod to their original factory in Helsingborg, known for its beautiful seaside promenades and medieval history.


Nike Killshot 2 Sneaker

Nike Killshot Sneaker for Men

I get it, after staring at white shoes for so long they all start to look the same! So here are a few of my favorite whites but with a touch of color.

The Nike Killshot came to market back in 1979 and was originally intended to be used on the squash and racquetball court.

Guess you never know when an impromptu game will pop up and you better be ready!

Veja V-10 Sneaker

Veja V10 White Sneaker for Men

Veja is a popular eco-friendly brand with many styles and color combinations all denoted by the iconic “V’ logo on the side of the shoe.

I’m a huge fan of the blue branding and off-white soles on this model. I find the off-white color appears newer for longer and is easier to clean than pure white.

The uppers are leather, the inner lining is made with organic cotton and recycled polyester, and soles are wild Amazonian rubber.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger GSM Sneaker

Asics Onitsuka Tiger GSM White Sneaker for Men

I don’t believe I mentioned this before but ASICS is a Japanese brand, and the Japanese are known for their meticulous attention to detail, process, and quality.

This level of prestige permeates through every aspect of Japanese life making them well known for everything from kitchen knives to denim to eyewear and more.

This particular style was designed way back in 1949 and was originally marketed as, you guessed it, an athletic sneaker made for on-court performance.

Nike Air Tailwind 79

Nike Air Tailwind 79 Sneaker for Men

I’ve included the Nike Air Tailwind in past round-ups and it always get the most clicks and purchases by far.

The brand speaks for itself and most of you are familiar with the fit, I just went and found the best color combination of white, cream, and navy.

For more fashion inspiration be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out more of my articles.


White Sneakers for Men
White Sneakers for Men
White Sneakers for Men
White Sneakers for Men
White Sneakers for Men
White Shoes for Men Koio

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