My Best Amazon Finds of the Year

I think we can all agree that online shopping is the real MVP. The more I browse Amazon, the more I realize that you can find pretty much anything on there without sacrificing quality. Searching Amazon for the best products is kind of my jam — and part of my job — so I’ve gotten pretty good at hunting down the best deals that are actually worth it.

They carry so many affordable and cute clothing items, a ton of chic home decor finds, and it’s a go-to spot to buy last-minute gifts.

Below, you’ll find a curated list of all my best finds from Amazon this year.

Best Amazon Finds of 2023

Fashion Finds

  • This preppy collared sweater is a great dupe for much more expensive options at places like Revolve or Abercrombie. It comes in a ton of colors too.

  • This light blue dress honestly might go down as one of my best Amazon finds of all time. I wore it to a Hotel Lobby Candle event and got soooo many compliments. It’s super stretchy and comfortable.
light blue dress

  • I wear this sweater/pant set all the time. It makes me look so put together (even if I don’t feel that way) and it’s a much more affordable option than the Free People version.
Amazon sweater and pants
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say that I live in these socks. They’re so cozy!

  • I was so impressed with the quality of this tennis necklace. It looks way more expensive than it is.
tennis necklace | Best Amazon Finds 2023

  • I’m totally obsessed with these aviator sunglasses. I love that they have a classic look yet not everyone has them, you know what I mean?
Best Amazon Finds 2023

Jenni Kayne dupe sweater | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • Since I’ve had such good luck buying leggings on Amazon, I decided to try these bike shorts out and they are my new fave! So easy to throw on with a hoodie and sneakers if you’re running errands or working from home.

  • I’m convinced that everyone needs this black dress in their closet. It’s so flattering, great quality, and you can wear it for so many occasions/events.
Amazon fitted black dress
  • I had been hunting for a nice beach hat that looked expensive without breaking the bank and fell in love with this one. I wore it so much during summer travel and can’t wait to wear it again on my next tropical trip.

  • This trench coat from The Drop was on constant rotation this fall. It goes so well with everything and makes the perfect closet staple.
Amazon The Drop Trench Coat
  • I’m so insanely picky when it comes to sports bras because I need one that’s truly supportive. I was super impressed with this set of three bras which have over 50,000 4.5-star reviews. Plus, they’re under $30!

  • This bodysuit is an absolute must have for nights out or work events. It’s super flattering and goes with everything.

floral smocked dress
  • You might not think of Amazon as the place to buy denim, but why not? (hello free shipping and returns!) My mom turned me and a lot of my followers onto these Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans, which we’re now calling “the most flattering skinny jeans of all time.”

  • I have basically lived in this loungewear set since the day I bought it. It comes in 16 (!!) colors and runs true to size.
Amazon loungewear set
  • Several #SilbSquad members love the brand that makes this zip hoodie. One follower said, “I’m obsessed with all the activewear from this brand CRZ Yoga (I have like 20 pairs of the leggings), but this hoodie was a lifesaver for outdoor workouts when it got cooler last year.”

  • This silk pajama set is sooooo cozy and is perfect for any holiday festivities or bachelorette trips. I’m obsessed!
Silk pajama set | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • Purchased these super soft leggings after seeing them hyped on Instagram and they delivered. I’m a huge fan of the high rise style and love that they have pockets.

  • I’m obsessed with these oversized sunnies. They’re super well-made and look so good on different face-shapes (yes, even people who think they can’t pull off big sunglasses!) I have both the Tortoise and Black. I ordered them on a whim, and then saw TIBAL post about how much she likes them too, which only further confirmed how good they are.
oversized sunnies | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • This classic two-piece pajama set was a hit with the squad this year. They come in a variety of colors and look so cozy—they also make a great gift.

  • This floral off-the-shoulder maxi dress is perfect for summer and vacations. You would NEVER guess it was from Amazon.
off-the-shoulder maxi dress | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • I had tried the Birkenstock version of these sandals years ago but the fit wasn’t quite right. I’m happy to report that these much cheaper ones from Amazon are great! They’re truly some of the comfiest shoes that I own.

  • This ruffled long sleeve dress was highly praised in the #SilbSquad and I actually purchased it myself. It’s extremely comfortable and comes in several different colors and patterns. I’m a fan!
ruffled long sleeve dress
  • My bestie recommended these sunglasses to me and I’ve been living in them ever since. They go with everything and look surprisingly high-end.
sunglasses from Amazon

Home Decor

  • We got these curtains for our Hotel Lobby Candle pop-up event and the quality is so impressive! Would be great for any room in your house.

  • We also got these faux fur rugs for our pop-up event and loved them so much. They are super cozy yet at a reasonable price.
faux fur rugs | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • I was doing some research on candle warmers and wanted to test one out firsthand. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this one. We ending up ordering one for our Miami apartment and one for our New York apartment.

  • This glass vase is one of my favorite finds of the year by far. It looks so much more expensive than it is and is perfect for housing bouquets.
glass vase

  • I ordered this linen tablecloth for Thanksgiving last year and it has held up so well that I had to include it again. It looks and feels super expensive.
linen tablecloth | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • These decorative beads were a huge home decor hit this year but most of the ones out there are super expensive. I went the Amazon route and I’m so glad I did because these are so affordable and look just as good as the pricey ones.

  • I liked this area rug so much, I actually bought two of them! One round (below) and one rectangular.
area rug | Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • I use these drawer dividers in every single one of my drawers.

  • Though these bowls are technically intended for food, I actually thought they were pretty enough to use as a centerpiece on my coffee table. Just add the beads above and a Hotel Lobby Candle!
Best Amazon Finds 2023
  • This sherpa throw blanket was a popular gift item this year. For under $21, you really can’t beat it!

  • I credit my organized apartment to these clear adhesive bins. They give you SO much more storage space and stick to the inside of cabinets easily. I use them in my bathroom to stash hair tools and extra beauty products.

  • I used to feel like there was really no good way to organize baseball hats, but this gadget proves otherwise.

decorative vase
  • While you might not need a clothing rack it definitely comes in handy when you have guests stay over. It’s also great for packing or extra storage—and it’s so cheap!
  • I never thought I’d become a crazy dog mom but I’ll be the first to admit I love spying on Pierre with this camera. You can set it up to send you notifications if your pup is barking (warning: this might give you anxiety), and you can even talk to them through the app and send them treats.


brush-on sunscreen mineral powder
  • No-glue lashes are my new jam. I’ve reordered these several times.

  • The micellar water I swear by for removing makeup. It also comes in a mini version that’s great for travel.

  • I know this is random, but if you have a dog then you need to order this. It’s a dental formula that gets rid of bad breath. It made Pierre’s breath smell 100 times better within a few days.
dental formula for pets
  • It’s always good to have electrolyte packets on hand (especially after a night out or during a long day of travel).

  • This dry shampoo smells amazing and is perfect for light hair. I like to order the mini version so I can pack it for vacations.

  • A clip-on light that will make your photo and video quality look so much better. The pic below was taken with it!
photo taken with clip-on light on phone
  • This selfie stick also comes in handy for filming. I ordered the white one!

AirFly Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

  • I know you’re probably tired of seeing the spa headband that went viral on TikTok and Instagram, but it really is worth the hype.
spa headband
  • These protein bars were a rec from TIBAL and they are soooo good. They taste just like an Almond Joy.

clear toiletry bags
  • These monogrammed hotel-inspired lounge chair towels have been a game-changer because they don’t slide off of your chair.

  • This retractable charging cable is a lifesaver because it’s compatible with so many different devices and it has a super long cord.

  • The Sleepy Tie will keep your blowout/freshly styled hair looking as good as new, even overnight.
Sleepy Tie

  • I got this towel wrap as a gift from my girlfriends and now I can’t remember how I lived without it. It’s the perfect thing to put on while you’re getting ready/after a shower.
towel wrap
  • This is my go-to fashion tape when wearing dresses that require some extra support. I also use it to attach slinkier tank tops to my bra straps.

  • These are the umbrellas that we keep in the car. They’re inexpensive but super durable.

  • If you have a fur child like me, this dog car seat is a must. I like that it’s neutral/isn’t obnoxious looking.

  • This pill organizer is one of those random but totally practical items you need in your life—especially if you travel often. I love this one because it’s much more sleek and discreet than other pill cases.

  • These motion-activated closet lights offer a dull space a major upgrade for just $30.
motion-activated closet lights
  • Matt bought this shoe cleaner kit and swears that it gets dirt and stains out. We purchased one as a gift for my brother along with a new pair of kicks.

  • I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that this serum made my lashes grow like weeds. I’m hooked!
  • I’ve actually had this teeth whitening kit since 2015 but had to include it on this list since it’s one of my best Amazon purchases to date. I initially used it to prep my smile for my wedding and was blown away by the results.
teeth whitening kit

  • It might not be the most exciting thing on this list, but this stain remover is a game changer for cleaning up messes.

  • If you sit at a desk all day and tend to run cold, this sherpa-lined foot warmer is about to be your new best friend. I know it’s totally random and kind of ridiculous but it’s amazing!


  • Nancy Whalen
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    Love this!! The zip hoodie goes to the cardigan can you update when you get a moment ❤️

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    May 21, 2023 at 8:56 pm

    Did I miss the link to the necklace? I can’t find it when I search the storefront either? Sorry!

  • Daley
    July 3, 2023 at 6:19 pm

    I just ordered so many of these recs! Consider me influenced haha!


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