16 Paris Outfits For Summer

paris outfits for summer

There are few things I love more than summer in Paris. The city of love has held a special place in my heart since I visited for my first proper adult holiday back when I was 19. Since my first trip, I have been lucky enough to visit again several times, and I’ve truly fallen for the city. 

Paris the ideal girls trip destination, the shopping is unmatched, and the art, culture, and history make it an entertaining spot to explore. Simply put, a trip to Paris is always a good idea.

You might think that traveling to Paris in the summer means high temperatures and heat, but that’s not necessarily true. While it can get warmer in mid-summer, the weather can be quite unpredictable with rain showers hitting from time to time.

The average low temperature is 56 degrees F and the average high temperature is roughly 75 degrees F between June and August. You can expect things to warm up in August and early September.

On top of somewhat moody weather, if you’re visiting Paris then it’s likely that you’ll be on your feet a lot throughout the day. Wearing the right summer outfits will not only allow you to live out your Parisian-style dreams, but it will also ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your Paris trip.

To help you pack for your trip, I’m sharing a roundup of outfits that you can wear in Paris during summer (while pulling off chic, French girl vibes.) Consider this the only Paris packing list you’ll ever need.

16 Paris Outfits For Summer

1. Shorts, Heels, and a Silk Shirt

Paris Outfits For Summer

For days that have no rain in the forecast, a basic pair of shorts, a button-up shirt, and some heels are a good go-to. If you have a lot of walking on your itinerary, you can simply swap the heels for a pair of supportive sneakers or flats. Sneakers happen to be some of the best travel shoes for women, so they would make for a practical swap.

2. Skirt, Blazer, and Boots

Matching blazer and skirt with boots
matching blazer and skirt set Paris

I wore this matching blazer and skirt set during my last trip to Paris and got so many compliments. The combo is perfect for the city because it makes you look put together but it’s actually so comfy. An added bonus: This outfit will look so cute during the fall.

3. Wide Leg Denim and a Button-Up

Paris Outfits For Summer
Wide Leg Denim and a Button-Up outfit in Paris

One thing I recently discovered while in Paris is that wide leg jeans are all the rage. And I’m not going to lie — as soon as I saw that Parisian women were wearing them, I knew I had to slip into a pair myself. There’s just something about wide leg jeans that look so effortless and chic.

4. Silk Dress

Silk Dress in Paris

When packing for Paris, be sure to bring along a silk dress, which would look so chic at a fancy brunch or during a fun night out. I’ve been loving this wrap style for the summertime. I’d recommend choosing something that comes in a bright color, which seems to fit in perfectly with the vibes in Paris. Also, go with a dress that has long sleeves to keep you warm at night.

5. Trousers, a Cropped T-Shirt, and a Sweater

Trousers and Cropped T-Shirt

This very well could be my new fall uniform, but for the flighty temps during the summer in Paris, it was a strong choice. I kept things neutral with a pair of trousers, a basic crop t-shirt, and white loafers. Throw a cardigan around your neck to not only fit in with Parisian style but to also be prepared for any sudden dip in temperature.

6. Cut-Out Dress

Paris Outfits For Summer

A dress with cut-out details is such a great summer fashion staple. They’re always so easy to throw on and they look appropriate for a variety of outings and occasions. Plus, you can never have too many summer dresses.

You can easily dress things up with a clutch or handbag, or change your shoes from flip flops to heels if you’re looking for a more upscale feel.

7. Slip Skirt and a Tank

Slip Skirt and a Tank

Slip skirts are a summer style must-have, regardless of where you are on the map. Again, I’d suggest packing one that’s a unique color and pairing it with a white or black tank top. The color will pop in your photos and something about it just feels more vacation-like.

If you’re worried about getting cold at night, just throw another layer on over your shoulders. Leather jackets or cardigans are two great choices!

8. White Denim Skirt and a Sweater

White Denim Skirt and a Sweater

I’ve always been drawn to white denim skirts as opposed to blue denim, and this outfit proves why. The combo of white on white looks so effortless. It’s also a good outfit choice for days that you have to be on your feet. Pair it with white sneakers (which are arguably the best shoes to wear in Paris) or flats and then accessorize with a belt that’s a neutral color.

9. Crochet Top, Trousers, and Slides

Paris Outfits For Summer

As you can see, I was really into the trouser look during my last trip to Paris. If you pack a pair, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many Paris outfits you can recreate, even in summer. This time, I slipped into some slides and a cropped crochet top — the ideal brunch or shopping look.

10. Knotted T-Shirt, Gold Jewelry, and Sunglasses

Paris Outfits For Summer

If you have some room to spare in your suitcase, I’d highly recommend packing jewelry for your trip. Gold jewelry in particular looks so timeless and high-end. Also, don’t forget to bring a couple pairs of sunglasses.

11. Polka Dot Top, White Shorts, and Loafers

Polka Dot Top, White Shorts

When I first came across this polka dot blouse, the first thought I had was that it would be so cute to wear in Paris. I added a pair of white shorts and some Chanel loafers and it was a total vibe. Chunky loafers are also very much *in* right now and I think they’d look good with just about any outfit on this list.

12. Maxi Dress and Black Heels

Maxi Dress and Black Heels

It’s always smart to pack a more formal outfit choice in case you add some last-minute dinner reservations or plans to your itinerary. A maxi dress, short dress, or bright dress all make for the perfect Paris outfit.

Pro tip: If you’re traveling with a group of friends, plan to wear outfits that are mixed and matched — it will make your photos pop so much more.

13. Black Leather Skirt and Black Loafers

black leather skirt outfit for summer in Paris

Paris summer fashion doesn’t shy away from the all black ensemble, and this outfit is no exception. These classic black loafers are the perfect complement to a chic and edgy leather mini skirt. Pair them with a button up top and you’ll stay comfortable while running around the streets of Paris. Not into the loafer look? Try ballet flats instead.

14. Layered Button Down Shirt and Dress

denim dress with white button up underneath

We’ve seen layering come back in a big way in recent years, and I love to see the way French women play around with the trend. I’ve been wearing this look on repeat lately (whether I’m in Paris or not) and think it looks both effortless and high-end. Just start with a basic white button down top, then layer on a denim maxi dress and accessorize with basic heels. The result? A casual yet chic outfit that’s perfect for any type of French summer.

15. Flowy Maxi Dress and Heels

floral dress outfit

Sometimes the cutest outfits are also the easiest to put together, and that’s exactly the case with these Italian-inspired dresses. Perfect for a hot Paris summer day, these maxi floral dresses are made with breathable fabrics which are incredibly flattering and comfortable. I love that you can dress them down during the daytime with a pair of white sneakers, or dress them up for an evening with a cute pair of heels.

16. Mini Dress and Cropped Denim Jacket

mini dress with cropped denim jacket

Last but certainly not least, play around with this adorable closet staple—a mini dress. You can’t go wrong when pairing a short dress with a cropped jacket, whether you’re going to brunch or you’re venturing out for a day filled with shopping, Plus, having a little jacket to throw on in case it gets gloomy really comes in handy—especially when you’re dealing with unpredictable French summer weather.

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